Madden NFL 15 Primer: Launch Ratings / Full Review / Madden Tips / Live Streams / Week 2 Roster Update

Madden 15 Desync Fix is “In The Works” Says Developer

Madden 15 is still working on the desync issues.

Madden NFL 15 launched with a nasty desync bug that was disconnecting players from one another in head-to-head games, particularly in Connected Franchise, and while a short-term solution has emerged that involves forcing players to use the same camera toggle settings, a proper fix is [...]

Madden 15 Roster Update Week 2: Julius Thomas Rises

Julius Thomas has earned his place among the best TEs.

Madden NFL 15 has just released its latest roster update in preparation for week two’s Thursday game later tonight, and while we are still awaiting an official blog for more details, there’s still info we can easily discern from the update. As was promised by [...]

Madden NFL 15 Will Remove Ray Rice Entirely


Madden NFL 15 may have been having some fun this weekend with its “Tiny Titan” MUT challenge, however following the release of a video showing Ray Rice knocking out his wife in a hotel elevator, and then dragging her away unconscious, the EA Sports team [...]

Madden 15 Brings Back Tiny Titan For The Weekend

Madden's most notorious player is hopping teams this weekend.

He was the biggest little story in Madden 15 this past week, but now just a few days after the 1 foot 2 inch linebacker was taken out of the game, he’s back again with his own special solo challenge in Madden Ultimate Team. For [...]

The Day Madden NFL 15 Was Invaded By Tiny Titan

He's only one foot tall, but that hasn't stopped him from chasing his NFL dream.

He’s 1 foot, 2 inches tall. In other words, the internet’s plea to get Kevin Hart in the game has been achieved in the form of glitched-out rookie LB Christian Kirksey in the latest Madden Ultimate Team solo challenge. According to Polygon’s Owen Good, Madden’s [...]

Madden NFL 15 Quick Fix For Desync Errors

EA recommends a pseudo-fix for the desync errors until patch day.

Quite a few players have reported issues with online games desyncing and ultimately causing disconnects, and it appears the primary culprit has been discovered by EA: It’s likely a result of inconsistency in graphical options. Madden NFL 15 developer Josh Looman went to Twitter with [...]