Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Why Madden 16’s ‘Draft Champions’ Mode Matters

We knew it all along. Madden wants you to join the draft, and that's a good thing.

Madden NFL 16 showed up at E3 2015 this past month with a renewed focus on some of the finer gameplay aspects of the game, and while most people were excited about the new WR/DB interactions, the reveal that most intrigued me was actually one [...]

How Madden 16 Can Take MUT To The Next Level

The draft is a sacred concept in sports, and it's time to bring it to MUT.

EA is always looking for ways to innovate with its MUT mode, which is why we think a Draft arena would be an excellent match. How does it work? Why do we need it? And what makes it fun? Head inside to read the latest idea from the minds of GoMadden.

Madden NFL 15 Title Update #2 Released

Madden NFL 15 has just received a new update.

Madden NFL 15 has just received its second major update since release, the latest one touching on various different complaints from the community, including the fixing of well-known ways to grief opponents in online games. In total, over 20 key topics were touched on for [...]

Madden NFL 15 Roster Update: Antonio Brown at 94 OVR

Antonio Brown has surpassed Andre Johnson, and entered elite territory.

The latest Madden NFL 15 roster update is out and about to download, and there are plenty of changes this week to comb over. Perhaps most deserving is the consistent rise of Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown, who moves past Andre Johnson this week to [...]

Madden 15 Desync Fix is “In The Works” Says Developer

Madden 15 is still working on the desync issues.

Madden NFL 15 launched with a nasty desync bug that was disconnecting players from one another in head-to-head games, particularly in Connected Franchise, and while a short-term solution has emerged that involves forcing players to use the same camera toggle settings, a proper fix is [...]

Madden 15 Roster Update Week 2: Julius Thomas Rises

Julius Thomas has earned his place among the best TEs.

Madden NFL 15 has just released its latest roster update in preparation for week two’s Thursday game later tonight, and while we are still awaiting an official blog for more details, there’s still info we can easily discern from the update. As was promised by [...]