Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

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1. About GoMadden
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1. About GoMadden
Go-Madden means to go crazy and get excited, and that perfectly reflects what we feel is the core feeling of every football fan whether they’re watching the NFL, popping in their favorite football game, or following the success of their fantasy team point-for-point.

As a website, GoMadden is a football video gaming & fantasy football news and tips site dedicated to producing professional, quality content on topics that football fans care most about. GoMadden is The Ultimate Madden Fan Authority™ on the web, and delivers news and tips directly into the heart of the football game community each day, serving nearly 3,000,000 pageviews in only its first full year of syndication.

The GoMadden website has become known for its originality and concise work. When SportsCenter’s official website wanted to talk about EA’s Madden NFL, they looked to GoMadden for the latest scoop. When the Detroit Free Press was looking for the Madden NFL ratings for one of the Detroit Lions’ rookie players, they found it on GoMadden, and when major gaming magazine and website GamePro was doing a story on the success and popularity of EA’s Madden NFL franchise, they found it fit to lead the article with quotes from an interview with GoMadden’s executive editor.

There is no other website online that produces football-only game content with more presence, or more authority on search engines and in the minds of readers than GoMadden. With a dedication to free speech and good business ethics, GoMadden has risen from the muddled ground of community fan site, and into the role of a Google News partner and a legitimate news source.

In 2013, GoMadden first dipped its toes into the world of Fantasy Football, and in 2014 started a year-long commitment to providing tips and news in fantasy sports. With video game coverage consuming one half of the site, and fantasy game the other, GoMadden has quickly grown into a premier site for football games.

2. GoMadden Staff

David Light — Executive Editor

David Light is a former professional gaming enthusiast and current sports entertainment writer. In 2007, David was invited personally by DirecTV’s Championship Gaming Series to cover the first-ever professional gaming draft live at the Playboy Mansion. Shortly after returning from the event, David was hired by the eventual season-one champions to manage and produce their franchise website. By 2010, David embarked on his own venture to create GoMadden, a football gaming home for all things from Madden to Fantasy, and everything in-between. In six years of work, David Light has produced thousands of news and feature content on a variety of competitive and casual gaming topics.

“CM” Manning — Fantasy Writer

Clint Manning is a 23-year-old Massachusetts native with 15 years of computer experience in multiple fields. Once a fearsome video game competitor, he remains tied to the gaming community to this day. In his spare time, CƖint follows several professional sports, primarily football, mixed martial arts, and basketball, rooting for local teams such as the three-time world champion New England Patriots.

3. GoMadden Press

GoMadden has been featured or mentioned by many reputable online publications. Below are just a few of the notable sites that have looked to GoMadden for stories on the latest in football video games.

Along with these and many more websites, GoMadden has also been tweeted by many notable stars.

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