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The Insane Madden 13 Ratings of Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is as good as it gets in Madden NFL 13.
Adrian Peterson is as good as it gets in Madden NFL 13.

Ever since Adrian Peterson was drafted back in 2007, player evaluation gurus had said the running back out of the University of Oklahoma had an opportunity to be one of the greatest backs of all time, and while he may still have a ladder to climb to get there, he may already be just that in Madden 13.

When it comes to Madden NFL, there are some players that tend to stick out every season like sore thumbs. Every season that are a select few players that have ridiculous attributes in key areas of the game, but for Adrian Peterson, we’re talking about ridiculous attributes in nearly every facet of the game. Peterson isn’t just the best back in Madden 13 right now, he might just be the greatest back in any edition of Madden, ever.

There have been a handful of backs to come along throughout history to carry the prestigious 99 overall rating at the position, but none have looked so good at doing it as Peterson. While legendary players like Barry Sanders were certainly quick and dynamic in their own right, they didn’t possess the kind of power that Peterson did, as evidenced by his 98 trucking rating. Sanders wasn’t exactly much faster than Peterson either, as Peterson runs by people as often as he does through them.

All you have to do is look at Peterson’s ratings to realize he may be the best the game has ever seen: 98 speed, 98 agility, 98 acceleration, 98 trucking, 97 elusiveness, 99 ball carrier vision, 97 stiff arm, 95 spin move, 97 juke move, 98 stamina, 90 carrying, 90 awareness. To get stats like that, you have to dig into Legendary cards in Madden Ultimate Team for the likes of Walter Payton, or Emmitt Smith, and even then those are meant more to be glorifications of the best times for those players, and not what they necessarily were at any point in time.

If Adrian Peterson is that good right now, can you imagine what his “Legendary” MUT card might look like years from now? If he’s already competing with the best representations of Barry Sanders and Walter Payton, what will his best representation look like? It’s a scary thought.

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