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BOOM! Madden 25 Cover Vote Gets The DJ Porter Treatment

Bringing a whole-new meaning to "Here comes the boom."
Bringing a whole-new meaning to "Here comes the boom."

DJ Steve Porter is back in action again on ESPN’s SportsNation, but this time he’s not talking about practice. He’s talking about Madden NFL, and getting you hyped up for the Madden 25 cover vote that starts this week.

The one-minute-long remix video was just put up on SportsNation’s YouTube channel, and it soars through the history of the Madden franchise as we prepare for the “Old School vs. New School” matchups that will pit today’s stars up against yesteryear’s legends for an opportunity to cover Madden 25. And of course, there’s plenty of classic John Madden to go along with it.

Oh, hologram John, how we’ve missed you.

You can’t rightfully call yourself a Madden NFL fan without checking out DJ Porter’s new Madden song, and really what better way to get you excited for the new cover vote bracket than this? When you’re done plugging in your speakers, check out the full video below and let us know in the comments below how you think they did. Personally, as someone who is not too high on Porter’s remixes as of late, I’m all-in on the BOOM!

“BOOM” Madden 25 Cover Vote by DJ Porter

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