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Christine Michael’s Agility To Be Fixed in Madden 15

Seahawks RB Christine Michael may have changes on the way in Madden NFL.
Seahawks RB Christine Michael may have changes on the way in Madden NFL.

Christine Michael could very well be the future of the Seattle Seahawks backfield, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his ratings in Madden NFL 15. After a brief discussion with ratings czar Donny Moore, however, it appears changes may be looming.

There are always players that slip through the cracks in Madden NFL when it comes to their just dues in ratings, as you can’t realistically expect every single player to be graded appropriately in every single aspect of their game. We did, however, notice something very wrong with the agility ratings of RB Christine Michael.

Michael boasted some of the best agility metrics at his position at the NFL combine, pulling in top five results in both the three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle among all players since 2006. If there is anything Michael does exceptionally well, it’s move laterally, and it’s part of why he is considered such a freak by fantasy football experts (his 43 inch vertical leap is another).

Christine Michael Has Wildly Underrated Agility

Slice and dice the agility metrics any way you want, Christine Michael has elite athleticism, particularly for a man that rumbles and tumbles at 220 pounds. That’s why, more than anything, it stood out to us when we saw he only had 82 agility in Madden NFL 15.

82. Good lord.

For comparison, Marshawn Lynch has 85 agility. Heck, Shonn Greene has 79 which isn’t too far off from 82. Perhaps most complexing is that rookie RB Bishop Sankey has a 91, while Michael bested him or pulled near-exact numbers in key agility tests at the NFL combine.

For sure, this is not what 82 agility looks like.

Madden NFL 15’s Donny Moore Took Notice

I tweeted out my concerns to Madden 15 ratings czar Donny Moore, and it appears he got the message.

It’s likely that Michael’s agility was so low because he’s not the type of runner that often makes use of it on game film, so it’s easy to overlook. But when he does, watch out.

It’s great to see EA’s ratings guru be so receptive to change when provided evidence, and I think it’s safe to say we can expect some significant increases to Christine Michael’s agility come launch-day roster patch.

Madden NFL 15 will be available on August 26th, and will even feature an Ultimate Edition for MUT fans. Seahawks fans might also be interested to know that the Legion of Boom is taking over the start screen.

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  • Jerome Page

    #51 was mad he got juked lol pushing the guy out of bounds like that in a non padded practice

  • Cliston Buck

    Desean Jackson ran a 4.35 at the combine and has 98 speed 97 acceleration… Paul Richardson ran a 4.33 but a 94 speed 93 acceleration? P-Rich is almost 3 inches taller giving him a longer stride… makes no sense


      I’m sure It’ll get bumped up the first adjustment. As long as he plays up to that 4.3 speed… Now u wanna talk about Rating not matching up w real players, Cowboys LB DeVonte Holloman was a Saftey in college, and was tabbed as the most fluid moving LB in drils at combine and had a better shuttle time then 92spd 89agil/acl Ryan Shazier, yet his Agilty rating is a 72!!! 77spd 72 agil 78 accel…. SMFH they did give him 77press tho, so theres that. LOL

      • Cliston Buck

        his shuttle is good (DH-4.26 RS-4.21) but everything else kind of wasn’t close… 3 cone (DH-7.30 RS-6.91)… 40 (DH-4.71 RS-4.38)… broad jump (DH-9’5 RS-10’10) vertical (DH-33″ RS-42″)… bench press (DH-15 RS-25) I don’t really know much about either guy so u might be right but just going off the numbers its not that far off… still needs to be bumped a little tho… agree there… as least hes 70+ overall tho… most rookies are in the 70 range… P-Rich is a 68!!!