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What Darrelle Revis To Bucs Means For Madden 25

Darrelle Revis is on the Bucs, but don't be jealous.
Darrelle Revis is on the Bucs, but don't be jealous.

Darrelle Revis won’t be returning to the New York Jets next year, as the Tampa Bay Bucaneers were more than happy to not only trade for him, but hook him up with the largest CB contract in history.

And Madden 25 will be better for it, too. He doesn’t look too bad in his Madden 13 uniform, either (via @Pastapadre).

The six-year, $96 million contract Revis signed with the Bucs is the kind of money you previously would have only seen for marquee quarterbacks, but as the NFL has transitioned more and more into a passing league of the years, it’s become nearly as important to stop those QBs as it has been to have them.

As someone who is looking forward to Madden 25 in the coming months, I have to say I’m a bit relieved to find out that Revis will be headed to the Bucs, and not somewhere previously rumored like the San Francisco 49ers. With all the player rating and trait differences that define the 32 different teams in Madden, it’s always been a tedious reality that in online games, only a small handful are actually seen.

Take this past season for example. Load up an online game in Madden 13 (particularly at the higher rankings), and you’ll see a common trend in your opponent’s team selection: It’s either the 49ers, or the Seahawks. Sure, there’s the occasional Ravens in light of their recent Superbowl victory, or the odd Patriots squad here or there, but for the most part you’re stuck playing the same opposing team game after game, after game.

In some ways, that problem is only going to get worse. The Seahawks were already a fantastic team in Madden 13, and now with the offseason addition of guys like Percy Harvin, Antoine Winfield and Cliff Avril, along with the expected growth of QB Russell Wilson, they’re expected to overtake the 49ers next season as Madden favorites. They may even have a shot at being known as the best Madden team of all time.

A Return To The Ideas of Parity

While the Bucs’ signing of Revis isn’t going to make them the go-to team in Madden, it does help to create some more parity in the landscape since he won’t be going to the 49ers, or a similar team. The Bucs also picked up SS Dashon Goldson from the 49ers, which helps round out a secondary that was expected to be the primary force driving players away from using them this upcoming season.

The pieces are starting to settle into place for the Bucs to be a formidable Madden 25 team, as they already have one of the best receivers in Madden in Vincent Jackson, a capable #2 in Mike Williams, a serviceable QB in Josh Freeman, and now a huge secondary upgrade with Revis and Goldson.

Oh, and don’t forget RB Doug Martin, who certainly proved his worth last season, and is already a strong back in Madden and expected to only get better as ratings increases come in over the next season.

When the Buccaneers got rid of Aqib Talib last season, many thought they would be left for dead come Madden 25 season. Now, following two strong offseason moves, they may very well be right back into play again. And that’s good for everyone who likes to see a different team once in a while when they jump onto Madden.

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