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EA’s E3 Press Conference To Talk Madden 25

EA will be streaming their presser live today from E3.
EA will be streaming their presser live today from E3.

EA Sports will be holding a brief press conference today in preparation for the E3 gaming expo, and as you might expect, they’ll be talking a bit about Madden 25, among other titles in their lineup for this year (and next).

While much of the focus at E3 this week will undoubtedly be surrounding the Xbox One and PS4, there’s still a lot of Madden to talk about. It’s expected that we’ll learn more of Madden 25 on next-gen consoles at the event, and perhaps discover to what depth Microsoft and EA’s partnership will roll over into the games themselves.

Microsoft is clearly trying to establish the Xbox One as the go-to sports console for the future, and they will attempt to do that with the help of EA.

The official EA E3 press conference will be streamed live at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, California, starting today at 4 PM ET. Specifically, the Madden NFL Twitter made mention that more info on EA Sports’ Ignite Engine would be touched on in the conference, which is the engine set to power the next-gen Madden titles later this year.

EA E3 Live Stream Video (Full Video Recap)

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  • Justin Njenga

    looked pretty good so far

  • fsda

    Madden looked massively disappointing. When it had Cam breaking down the gameplay video, there was actually SUCTION BLOCKING!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME EA?!?!?!?!?! I know better than to get my hopes up for a new Madden or NCAA, but I must admit, I was excited for next gen. Looks like Tiburon isn’t even going to bother as long as the sheep buy the same product every year and they have no competition…

  • marce

    the only reason madden is still around is because they bought the rights but still 2k could of released an ncaa for use dont know why they didnt