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EA Sports Ignite Powers Madden 25 on Xbox One

I've got that suspicious "Madden 06" look on my face, but I'll buy it.
I've got that suspicious "Madden 06" look on my face, but I'll buy it.

The wait is finally over for the reveal Microsoft’s new Xbox console, as we learned a lot about the Xbox One today, as well as the EA Sports Ignite engine which will power games like Madden 25 on Xbox One and other next-gen consoles.

EA Sports Ignite is the new engine that will handle sports titles like Madden 25 heading into the future, and it’s boasting to be quite an improvement over current technology. Ignite promises to bring 4x more decision-making calculations per second than their previous engine, 10x animation fidelity behind True Player Motion, the proposed ability to mimic human-like intelligence and more.

Along with the announcement of the new engine by EA, we’ve also gotten what appears to be our first sorta-look at Madden 25 on next-gen, although the trailer brings back a lot of bad memories from the Madden 06 debacle from next-gen of old. Whether or not Madden 25 on upcoming consoles will look anything like its early pre-rendered trailer, we’ll have to wait and see, but for now it looks like a pretty impressive vision for what should prove to be an impressive piece of hardware and software behind it.

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EA Sports Ignite Trailer (Madden 25 Included)

“Human Intelligence” Trailer

“True Player Motion” Trailer

“Living Worlds” Trailer

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  • Justin Njenga

    Hopefully this is implemented in future maddens as they advertise….Hopefully.