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GoMadden Forums Return With Twitch For Madden 25

The GoMadden forums have returned better than ever with new features.
The GoMadden forums have returned better than ever with new features.

It’s been nearly a year since the GoMadden forums have been available due to a database loss that forced us to start over again, but a beta version of the new community discussion area is now live, and it’s better than ever.

The biggest addition to the new forums on GoMadden is the integration of streams right into the forums. That means you can see when Madden community members are online and streaming, find new things to watch and overall stay more connected with the people you’ve come to know on the site. Because everything is back again from scratch, you will have to register a new account (your old one will no longer work), but with your help we’ll get back to where we were before in time for the Madden 25 season.

The release of the new forums comes with no big promotion, no special event, and no private beta period. Instead, we’re going to open this up to you guys as-is and let you slowly come back as we build this up again. Community activity will be light as we are nearing the end of the season (and frankly we don’t have any users yet!), but I’ll be available to answer questions and help you guys out on the forum with the game. It’ll be a long road to get back to the thousands of community members we had posting regularly for us before, but we’ll get there with your help!

What’s New?

• Live Stream Integration
For the first time, Madden players can come together in a place where their streams will be shared immediately with members of the community. You can build your own following right from GoMadden, watch as your friends in the community play their games, and chat with other Madden heads along the way. It will take a bit to get things going, but with next-generation consoles poised to push home consoles into the live streaming world, this was a necessary addition to future-proof our community. Have a stream you play Madden on once in a while, or do you stream other games but still want to be a part of a Madden community? Now you have a place to get started.

To add your own stream, simply sign up, and go to the Live Streams section. Click “Add Stream” on the right, and fill in the info. When you’re done, the site should update automatically and let everyone know when you’re streaming within a few minutes of going live.

• Live Chat Room
GoMadden now has its own live chat embedded on the top of the forum, so you can interact with other members of the community without having to a create a whole thread to do it. This is great for everything from simple questions, to casual hellos, and even organizing pick-up games on the fly with players that are online. The easiest way to find lab partners and quick games is now at your fingertips on GoMadden.

• Your Own Madden Franchise Forums
This is a feature that is not yet available, but I’m working on the best ways to get this done, and what other features I can add for you guys. I want to provide online Connected Franchise leagues with their own free forums, along with an exclusive GoMadden short-URL for their league ( and a chat box integrated right into the sub-forum. This will be free of charge to anyone that is committed to running and maintaining a league.

• Latest Threads on Front Page
I’m going to wait until there’s some activity on the forum first, but soon the latest threads from the forums will be featured in the sidebar on the front page of the site, meaning you will always be able to stay connected with what’s going on in the community while browsing the latest news and tips. This also means more people from the front page of the site will have an opportunity to see your thread, and potentially join the discussion.

• GoMadden Q&A
Ask questions, and get answers directly from GoMadden in the new Q&A thread on the All-Madden board. While I’ll certainly be around the forums to answer Madden questions from time to time, I will be selecting questions from the Q&A on a regular basis to feature on the front page of the site and answer in more depth.

• Facebook & Twitter Integration
You can now sign up and log in with your Twitter or Facebook accounts if you desire. That means no more forgetting your password on the site!

• Free Guide After 5 Posts
As part of our end-of-season promotion, we’re giving away one of our most popular Madden 13 guides for free after your first five posts on the new forums. After five posts, you can access “How To Make an Elite Offense,” which shows you how the Power O-No! mini-scheme was built step-by-step in front of your eyes. Even if you’re done with the season, there’s plenty to learn from this guide to prepare you for Madden 25.

• And Plenty More!
Our new forums is a work in progress, and there are a lot of things we want to add for you guys over time. Other future additions we’re looking into include guide synchronization with your forum account (so you can always keep track of your purchases), as well as a video highlight system that will allow you to share your game highlights with others on the forum.

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