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Joe Flacco Latest Madden 25 Clutch Player

Joe Flacco has just joined Madden's club of "clutch" players.
Joe Flacco has just joined Madden's club of "clutch" players.

The full list of players who will be gifted with the “clutch” trait in Madden 25 has found its way online courtesy of Joystiq, but only one new player will be joining the prestigious “clutch” club this season.

In total, there are 37 players with the Madden 25 clutch trait, but only one of those names is new from the previous season. After putting on an impressive run throughout the playoffs and culminating with a Super Bowl MVP, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is now officially “clutch” on the digital football field, just as he was for the Ravens when they needed it most last season.

The clutch trait is a unique trait in the game that allows players (and sometimes their teammates) to play well-beyond their normal capabilities during crunch time in close games. The significance of the trait was broken down on ESPN in a chat with ratings czar Donny Moore some years ago, and its value is still as pertinent to games today as it was when it was first introduced.

With plenty of young talents rising to stardom in the NFL, it’s expected that this list will look very different over the coming years, but for now, there’s plenty of old faces that have held on to their trait, like future-HOFers TE Antonio Gates and QB Peyton Manning. Check out the full list below of Madden 25 clutch players, which is essentially identical to last season, but still worth a quick review.

Madden 25 Clutch Players

• CB Darrelle Revis (TB)
• CB Champ Bailey (DEN)
• FS Eric Weddle (SD)
• FS Ed Reed (HOU)
• FS Charles Woodson (OAK)
• HB Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
• HB Ray Rice (BAL)
• HB Frank Gore (SF)
• HB Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX)
• K Rob Bironas (TEN)
• K Adam Vinatieri (IND)
• K Matt Prater (DEN)
• LT Joe Thomas (CLE)
• MLB Patrick Willis (SF)
• MLB Derrick Johnson (KC)
• QB Aaron Rodgers (GB)
• QB Tom Brady (NE)
• QB Peyton Manning (DEN)
• QB Drew Brees (NO)
• QB Joe Flacco (BAL)
• QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
• QB Eli Manning (NYG)
• QB Tim Tebow (NE)
• RE Justin Smith (SF)
• RE DeMarcus Ware (DAL)
• RE Jared Allen (MIN)
• ROLB Clay Matthews (GB)
• SS Troy Polamalu (PIT)
• TE Jimmy Graham (NO)
• TE Antonio Gates (SD)
• WR Calvin Johnson Jr. (DET)
• WR Andre Johnson (HOU)
• WR Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
• WR Steve Smith (CAR)
• WR Anquan Boldin (SF)
• WR Santonio Holmes (NYJ)
• WR Mario Manningham (SF)

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