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Julius Peppers & Dwight Freeney Team Up in Madden 25

This is not a defensive end duo you want across from you in Madden 25.
This is not a defensive end duo you want across from you in Madden 25.

It’s hard to think of a scarier combo of defensive ends in Madden history than Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney, which is why the two modern-day stars will bookend the defensive line for the new Madden 25 All-25 squad.

The tandem of Peppers and Freeney will join up in Madden 25 along with coach John Madden, Marshall Faulk and Mike Alstott to create the beginnings of the best Madden roster the game has ever seen, with players from Madden’s past pulled from its history books and thrown together on one team that represents the best the game has had to offer over 25 years.

Unlike other “greatest of” teams, the new All-25 Team that will be available in the “Play Now” portion of Madden NFL 25 is not simply a listing of hall of famers (although many likely will be). Instead, the All-25 Team will feature only the best at each position from the perspective of Madden dominance, which means there will be an opportunity for some unlikely names to sneak into its starting lineup, like Madden 2004’s Michael Vick.

All-25 Julius Peppers Player Ratings
“Straight from Madden 2006 comes Julius Peppers to cause havok for the All-25 team. This defensive end is a freak of nature.”

All-25 Dwight Freeney Player Ratings
“Creating headaches for quarterbacks in Madden 2007, Dwight Freeney now patrols the defensive end position for the All-25 team.”

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the blockshed rating of either player, which historically has been the most dominant factor in getting to the quarterback throughout Madden’s history (although I think they’ve always intended it to be a stop-the-run skill). Even still, you can see Peppers and Freeney in action on the new All-25 Team in the hype video below, along with some commentary from devs and notable Madden figures on just why these two were such easy decisions to bookend the defensive line. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow, as EA Sports will announce who will be lining up at Strong and Free Safety.

Madden 25 ‘All-25’ Julius Peppers & Dwight Freeney

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