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Leon Sandcastle Sneaks His Way into Madden 13

I have a feeling this is going to end badly for someone.
I have a feeling this is going to end badly for someone.

Leon Sandcastle is believed by many to be the top prospect attending this year’s NFL scouting combine, but before the Chiefs can get a hold of him this April, he can be on your team in Madden 13.

Late yesterday the official Madden Ultimate Team Twitter was hinting at a surprise to be released today, and while some very attractive people had a hunch, it’s nonetheless welcomed news both to us, and to Deion Sanders, who for some reason seems to be promoting the heck out of the rising prospect.

Sandcastle is rated 99 overall at CB, and can be pulled from Legend and Offseason packs for what we imagine is a limited time. You can also get a special edition Sandcastle for the FS position if you put some work into the Combine Warriors collection we tipped you off on just the other day.

Now’s your chance to get Leon Sandcastle on your team before the Chiefs do, or before some completely unlikely dirt is dug up on the young star and this all comes crashing down.

Leon Sandcastle Madden 13 Ultimate Team Cards

Leon Sandcastle Madden 13

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