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Madden 13 CCM Designer is Looking To Fans For Changes

Madden devs are still gaining experience in CCM.
Madden devs are still gaining experience in CCM.

Josh Looman is the lead designer for Connected Careers in Madden 13, so when he rounds up a list of ten things that need to be looked into for next season, it’s probably a good idea to listen.

During the big hustle and bustle of Super Bowl weekend, Looman went to Twitter to ask Madden fans what kind things they would like to see tuned in Connected Careers in regards to its progression system. After talking back and forth for a bit with fans and taking in ideas, Looman laid out ten ideas specifically that he believed warranted highlighting.

This Madden season has been most notable for its continued support by the development team after launch, although CCM mode in particular has felt left by the wayside now and again by comparison. While the ideas brought up sound like actual adjustments to Madden 13 that could be looked into using the rarely-used Tuner system (they should try not to use “tuning” if that’s not the case), it’s likely that anything that makes its way into Madden 13 on this front will likely find itself in Madden 25 as well.

Check out the ideas Looman brought up below, and don’t be afraid to let him know what else you think should be done going forward to create a smoother Connected Careers experience.

Connected Careers Tuning Changes (Ideas)

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  • cohara1103

    fix scrambling for QBs there is such a lag when try to run……fix the sim so more than 7 secs goes by on each play…….
    fix broken salary cap
    more XP for defensive players after 6 seasons the defense is so far behind
    fix bad interface for trades…
    keep custom rosters and create a player in CCM

  • Brian Briggs

    I would love to see 1rst person view. Nothing like strapping on a helmet and looking thru a facemask to put you on the field and literally in the game!

  • Sunit Gajula


  • Noah Spencer

    adjustable sim quarter lengths
    make trading less impossible
    show players salaries on the roster (as opposed to having to view their player card)
    make a level in between all pro and all madden

  • Nacho

    How a bout some other changes besides xp. Possibly being able to relocate a team and build stadiums without changing the team name/ uniform? As well as some other of the stated ideas.

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