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Madden 13 Adds New “End of Season” CCM Roster Update

Madden 13's latest CCM update was a long time coming.
Madden 13's latest CCM update was a long time coming.

If you have been waiting around for Madden 13 to update its Connected Careers roster for you, then you will be happy to hear that a new roster update is finally available to download.

Connected Careers was an attempt this season by Madden NFL 13 to bridge the gap between Superstar and Franchise mode, however for much of the season players were left without a CCM roster update, which for many resulted in a bit of a muffed experience.

Today, a presumably final “End of Season” roster patch just went online, which will allow users to start a new CCM with a much more up-to-date set of player ratings and transactions. Connected Careers Lead Designer Josh Looman broke the news on Twitter a few hours ago, which should please patient CCM fans.

@Josh_Looman: “CCM Rosters are out. Have a great weekend!”

Alright, not exactly a love letter, but we’ll take it. This marks the first roster update for CCM since a version for Week 4 of the season was released last year. Whether such a big disparity in CCM updates was intended or not, it’s nonetheless a bit confusing for Madden fans that have seen a whopping 19 roster updates on the online matchmaking side of the game.

We’re not quite sure if the EoS roster update for CCM is quite literally an end of season roster, or if it also includes the playoff roster updates that recently have been pushed through. It’s a tough thing to discern really, since CCM interprets overall ratings a bit differently than your standard online roster, so it’s not a simple matter of comparing ratings.

If you want to get your Connected Careers roster update, simply jump online and download the update when prompted. The roster patch is currently live on Xbox Live, and will likely be available soon on other mediums if not already.

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