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Madden 13 Debate: Chris Johnson or C.J. Spiller?

Which lightning bolt would you rather have in Madden 13?
Which lightning bolt would you rather have in Madden 13?

Madden NFL 13 has seen the rise and fall of quite a few players this season, but few options remain quite as attractive as Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson, and Buffalo Bills phenom C.J. Spiller. In a game where speed kills, we ask one simple question: Who would you rather have on your Madden team?

Chris Johnson has been a terror in Madden NFL ever since he first entered the league, however since last season his ratings have slowly declined and ultimately stabled off at a deceptively dangerous 89 overall. Johnson’s rare 99 speed and 98 acceleration ratings make him an absolute nightmare to handle, while his catch in traffic and receiving abilities are just good enough that you always have to worry about him when he’s shifted out wide. The quality of mismatches Johnson can create are often so severe, that at least one of his Madden incarnations over the years would certainly enter a Madden Hall of Fame, if there ever was one.

There are few running backs in Madden 13 that C.J. Spiller would lose to in a foot race, but Johnson is one of them. While Spiller is definitely a burner with 96 speed, his greatest asset is actually his shiftiness, as his 98 agility, 99 juke move and 98 elusiveness make him one of the toughest backs keep a hand on in the entire game. He may not quite have the speed that Johnson does, and his catch in traffic and route running might be sorely lacking, but his catch rating is a very solid 82, and his ability to make defenders miss is paralleled only by the highest rated players in the game.

If I had to choose just one of these players for my team online, it would have to be Spiller. While Spiller isn’t as consistent as Johnson as a receiver in Madden, and doesn’t have the same next-level speed in the game (yet), he certainly makes up for it with his tackle eluding abilities. To me, Madden, and the NFL for that matter is all about operating in limited space, and Spiller has the skillset I think you want out of a running back to overcome the premier focus he will certainly receive by your opponent. With great power however comes great risk, as Spiller’s paltry 76 injury rating is sure to burn you on occasion. If I were selecting for a connected careers franchise this might be a more difficult decision because of Spiller’s injury concerns, but for online games I think you can get by with that rating provided you play smart.

But… Who would you rather have?

Which RB would you rather have in Madden 13?

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