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Madden 13 Debate: Russell Wilson or Michael Vick?

Which dynamic passer would you rather have in Madden NFL 13?

Dynamic quarterbacks have always been a premium in gaming, but there may never be a time with as many good ones as there are right now in Madden 13. Of all the QBs to choose from however, there are two in particular that stand out as a tough decision for any player: Seattle’s rookie Russell Wilson, or Philadelphia’s Michael Vick?

While Michael Vick may not be the best running quarterback in Madden anymore (that title likely belongs to Robert Griffin III), his rushing skillset is still head and shoulders above most other players. Vick possesses nearly 90 speed from the QB position, but is equally as difficult to tackle as he is to catch, as his 92 elusiveness, 93 spin move and 93 juke move are about as good as it gets in the open field. The fact that Vick can also throw with tremendous accuracy on the run (94 run rating) and is solid in play action (80 play action rating) means that he can burn you deep when you least expect it, on top of all of his running abilities.

For Russell Wilson, both in the real NFL and in Madden it’s much less about explosive plays and much more about controlled chaos. Wilson is an extremely balanced player, as he has the speed to be dangerous enough in Madden (85), the shiftiness to avoid would-be tacklers with avoidance abilities in the mid-80s, and solid short and mid accuracy (88 and 84 respectively). Wilson can push the ball deep when he needs to with his 92 throw power, he can run when it makes sense and while he’s not the runner that Vick is, he isn’t nearly as likely to burn you with a turnover in Madden.

If I was tasked to choose between Michael Vick and Russell Wilson for my online games, it would be Wilson for me and I wouldn’t have to think very long about it. While Vick is certainly a superior runner in Madden, he’s also much more likely to hurt you: The majority of his passing accuracy stats are below 80, and his carrying ability is at a dangerously-bad 58 rating. Sure, Vick may turn a pedestrian 10 yard run into a 30 or 40 yarder here and there, but he will also make errant passes when you need them the most, and fumble when contact is at its most likely (in the redzone). This isn’t to say Vick isn’t any good, but Wilson is just so much more accurate as a passer, and still good-enough as a runner that you can make opponents pay through the air while still punishing them on the ground for committing too much to coverage.

But… Who would you rather have?

Who would you rather have in Madden 13?

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