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Madden 13 Ranks #3 on Pastapadre’s Best of 2012 List

Looks like Madden once again will fall behind FIFA.
Looks like Madden once again will fall behind FIFA.

Popular sports gaming website Pastapadre has been counting down its best sports games of 2012 over the last few weeks, and today we finally learned where Madden 13 landed: Comfortably at a respectable #3 on the list.

While Madden NFL 13 had its fair share of criticisms on launch with an assortment of perceived missing features in new modes like Connected Careers, we believed the game was overall a good innovation for a franchise that needed some new blood on its cleats. Pastapadre clearly felt the same way in their lengthy editorial.

“Where Madden NFL 13 deserves the most credit is in the willingness to finally take some risks and innovate… The ambition that had been lacking from the series for so long finally materialized with the introduction of the ‘Infinity Engine’ physics and rebuild of Franchise and Superstar modes into ‘Connected Careers.’ These were not designed to cater to the casual crowd but provided genuine advancement and reason for hope going forward.”

This marks the second straight year that @Pastapadre has ranked Madden NFL third on its list of best sports games. At its recent-worst, Madden finished out #7 in 2008 and #6 in 2010, with its high-point being a strong second placing in 2009 (Madden NFL 10 widely regarded to be one of the biggest leaps in the Madden franchise). Personally, I really like Pasta’s relative approach of comparing and ranking sports games, as it gives you a good idea of what franchises are trending up, and which are trending down as of late.

If you haven’t already, check out Pasta’s story on Madden 13’s ranking, as well as how some other sports games finished out this year on the list. But before you go, what do you think of #3 for Madden 13?

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