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Madden 13 Ultimate Team Adds Special ‘Combine Warriors’ Cards

Adding to a long, long list of 99 rated cards.
Adding to a long, long list of 99 rated cards.

The NFL combine in Indianapolis is only a day away, and to celebrate Madden 13 has just released a special collection of cards into the wild on Madden Ultimate Team, known simply as the “Combine Warriors.”

The special Combine Warriors cards can be found hidden throughout Legend and Offseason card packs, and includes six premier combine warriors of the past: Tim Tebow, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Mario Williams, Chris Johnson, Dwight Freeney and Vernon Davis. Every player in the Combine Warriors collection is rated 99 overall except for Tebow, who is a comfortable 87.

The cards are available and live now on Madden Ultimate Team, and the heads up came only a little while ago on the official MUT twitter.

If you can find all six cards in the collection, you can turn them in and receive 250,000 coins, 10 Legend packs and collected versions of the cards. I’m a bit afraid to add up just how many 99 rated cards are circulating around Madden Ultimate Team right now, but hey, if that’s how they want to do it then you’ll definitely want to grab some of these. It’s certainly something interesting to do until news about Madden 25 starts making its way around the internet.

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