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Madden 15 Bengals Ratings

There are few teams loaded with as much talent as the Bengals.
There are few teams loaded with as much talent as the Bengals.

Madden 15 Bengals ratings have arrived after a short hiccup in EA’s player ratings release schedule, but the past is the past, the now is the now, and for Cincinnati Bengals fans that means it’s time to dig into what’s new, what’s better, and what got the short end of the stick in Madden ratings this season.

After wrapping up an 11-5 season in 2013, it became clear to many that it was the Cincinnati Bengals that were the toast of the division, and as far as Madden goes, one of the most intriguing teams in the league. With star receivers like A.J. Green (95 overall) and rising stars with playmaking ability like Giovani Bernard (84 overall), there’s a few pieces to really like on offense this year as far as Madden 15 Bengals ratings go.

On defense, things get even more interesting for Cincinnati fans. Geno Atkins (96 overall) is the second best rated DT in the game (and probably should be the first if not for injury), and studs like Carlos Dunlap (96) and OLB Vontaze Burfict (88) help make up a defense that is just a few pieces away from being one of the best in the league. They also have some good new blood, with rookie first round cornerback Darqueze Dennard, who enters the league with a very strong 89 man coverage rating.

Want to know more about the Madden 15 Bengals ratings? Check out the fully-sortable spreadsheet we’ve set up below, which has already been sorted by position for you with only the most relevant ratings for each group (yes, we didn’t think you cared a lot about Geno Atkins’ catching).

Shortcut: Madden 15 Ratings For All 32 Teams

*Click on the rating header to sort high/low for that attribute. Check out this page for a glossary of terms. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information, but it will help explain what abbreviations like “PUR,” mean if you don’t know already.

Madden 15 Bengals Ratings


Wide Receiver & TE

Running Back & Fullback

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



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  • Brandon Ragland

    Defensive monster of a team.

    • Getyogmup

      But not as good as last year. Losing Johnson and Harrison will hurt.

  • Real American Hero

    What does Burfict have to do to show how fast he is?

    • GC

      i agree that kills him on madden