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Madden 15 CFM Making It Much Easier to Spend XP

Sending XP is getting a lot easier in Madden 15 CFM.
Sending XP is getting a lot easier in Madden 15 CFM.

Madden 15 Connected Franchise news is at a premium right now, and while this latest bit of info is hardly ground-breaking, it’s still something we’ve been pleading for devs to fix for the last two years in our annual wishlists. What is it that has us bothered so much? Point distribution.

Instead of the tedious task of adding a point, saving, adding a point and saving ad nauseam, Madden 15 franchise will allow you to spend your experience points on a player in bulk before confirming. In short: Now you can put five points into pass blocking and hit confirm, rather than doing it one at a time.

We first learned about this small detail over on OS, where a screen capture of a loading screen during the recent presentation live stream revealed the tidbit of info. With all the focus right now on player ratings, it seems this bit of news has fallen under the radar.

Madden 15 CFM Bulk XP Spend Is Sort of Important

Alright, so it’s probably not high up on people’s list of things they want to see changed in franchise mode, but fixing the XP point allocation process in CFM is a very important quality of life change that streamlines the process, and gets the game one step closer to making the development of prospects more enjoyable.

If you’re like me, and you like to sim through games and seasons, all while meticulously upgrading your prospects into fine-tuned machines for certain roles, then you will certainly appreciate this change. There is a reason why this has been on my personal wishlist for two seasons, and it’s because it’s so easy to fix, and is such a big annoyance for die-hard franchise players.

I also think it’s important when small quality of life changes like these are asked for, that as a community we recognize when they are added. Whether this fix was made or not has absolutely zero influence on sales, for sure, but it’s great to see the development team focus on delivering a better experience, starting with the small things that mean a lot, even if they don’t make a lot.

We’ve already heard a bit about Madden 15 CFM’s new Game Prep feature, which saw a brief description leaked by GameStop earlier this week. Now, with the addition of a way to spend experience points in bulk and in a much less tedious fashion than previously, it’s clear more than ever that EA’s big focus this year was on quality of life changes.

Whether it is the new streamlined MUT menus, or the additional controls given to players on defense, it’s not hard to see that EA’s focus this year is on providing a more polished and more inviting experience.

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  • GoMadden

    I hope V-Jax stays with the Chargers! I can’t imagine him in another uniform.

  • Big Sims

    Donald butler benched 35 reps at the combine more than most OL and DL yet his strength is only 72?????

  • kool

    darren sproles speed is way to high, he more quick than he is fast

  • Chargers fan 21

    Shawn Merriman 84 over all! Thats just stupid, before his injury he was putting out hall of fame numbers.

    • Ericthebikeman86

      what has he done LATELY?

  • Penguinman001

    Are you kidding me?! Marcus McNeill is only an 89! he’s a 2 time pro bowl selection and a future great LT. he deserves better.

  • Dewayne

    this is great i plan on playing with the browns or the bills in cfm