Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Madden 15 Colts Ratings

Andrew Luck is the star of the show, but his receivers will be important.
Andrew Luck is the star of the show, but his receivers will be important.

Madden 15 Colts ratings are stampeding in, which means it’s time to see how franchise stars like Andrew Luck and his misfit crew of receivers fair in the upcoming football video game from EA SPORTS.

The Indianapolis Colts have known little other than complete success since they drafted Peyton Manning all those years ago. Now, with a young, highly-touted QB in his wake and a division that appears wide open, there’s no reason to believe they can’t continue their dominance for yet another decade. It doesn’t hurt that they are probably the best team in the division in Madden 15, too.

With the addition of Hakeem Nicks, the Colts have themselves the potential of a #1 receiver wrapped up in years of injuries and disappointment. There’s little question, however, that when healthy Nicks can be a formidable foe for any defensive back, and his ratings show as much. Most of the focus from fans at receiver, however, will likely be on rookie Donte Moncrief.

What other Madden 15 Colts ratings do fans care about? Check out the full ratings below, and let us know what you think of EA’s job this year. Did they nail the Colts ratings? Did they make some big oversights? We’d like to hear it.

Shortcut: Madden 15 Ratings For All 32 Teams

*Click on the rating header to sort high/low for that attribute. Check out this page for a glossary of terms. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information, but it will help explain what abbreviations like “PUR,” mean if you don’t know already.

Madden 15 Colts Ratings


Wide Receiver & TE

Running Back & Fullback

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



What do you think of the ratings? Toss your comments below.

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  • Brett Stockglausner

    Although they fixed his ability to not be injured so easily, I don’t really get why Luck’s toughness is only a 69. I’d sure like to be able to run the option without the constant fear of a fumble or injury from Luck every single time like in Madden 25

    • Brandon Ragland

      Lol I feel you on that one, some qb’s dont get credit. Tannerhill is even worse.

  • daniel757

    I wanna know why luck and foles are rated the same not only that i saw all 32 rankings and the colts were listed at 10 with an 83 … but two teams behind them were 84s

  • daniel757

    oh 1 more thing how is it nfl power ratings have them at 7 but madden has them actually at 13 … ever since peyton left the colts have been getting screwed … luck will nvr get any credit