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Madden 15 Cowboys Ratings

The Dallas Cowboys have a big-time receiver in Dez Bryant.
The Dallas Cowboys have a big-time receiver in Dez Bryant.

Madden 15 Cowboys ratings are in, and they may be the one thing that will get people’s minds off of the wild life of Jerry Jones (Link is NSF… Not Safe Forever) this afternoon. If anything can do it, disagreement over Madden ratings certainly can.

The Dallas Cowboys finished 8-8 in the 2013 season, but there is still plenty of talent to be found on this year’s Madden 15 roster. Whether it’s WR Dez Bryant, QB Tony Romo or LB Sean Lee (when healthy, at least), there’s lots of tools to win games to be found. Perhaps most interesting however is who is not on the roster, which is QB Johnny Manziel who Jerry Jones badly wanted, but opted to pass over in favor of first-round OT Zack Martin.

With the Madden 15 Cowboys ratings out and about, we’ve taken the time to organize them in a much easier-to-read format than EA’s official page. Check all the player ratings out below in full, and remember that EA typically has a release-day roster patch to deal with any out-of-date details that may be found here.

Shortcut: Madden 15 Ratings For All 32 Teams

*Click on the rating header to sort high/low for that attribute. Check out this page for a glossary of terms. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information, but it will help explain what abbreviations like “PUR,” mean if you don’t know already.

Madden 15 Cowboys Ratings


Wide Receiver & TE

Running Back & Fullback

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



What do you think of the ratings? Toss your comments below.

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  • Jerome Page

    About right for most part. I think Terrance Williams should of least been rated 80

  • Jenni Plum

    How the hell is tony romo 91ovr he is not better then ben roethlisberger.

    • Kyle Morgan

      Yes he is. 5th highest QB rating of all time.

  • Marquis Wright

    tony romo 91 is right check his numbers every regular season compared to ben roethlisberger’s…jenni plum

  • musiccitynorm

    I don’t get maddens hate for Wisconsin Olinemen, Fredrick holds many weight lifting records at Wisconsin, he squats well over 1000 lbs and can bench 800 lbs, so what he cant bench 225 36 times, none of Wisconsin linemen can because they train for impact lifting, they don’t beleive a lineman will have to sustain 225 36times instead they are better to lift 800 lbs once and that is what simulates playing linemen more.

  • That Nigga Toguro

    Why is Melton so high?

    • Venom

      Why should he not be? If its because of inj than you should be complaining about other players such as J Byrd etc not just melton for not being dropped for inj if anything that doesn’t mean the player isn’t good just means they are more likely to get hurt…

      • That Nigga Toguro

        Byrd is a top tier safety. Melton when healthy is good but I don’t think his rating should be that high. I’d have him low 80s but that’s just me.

        • AMERICA’S TEAM

          Melton’s Overall’s is a little inflated due to his athleticism, and ball carrier skills. W mid to upper 70’s truck/stiff arm, and 55ctch plus 64/65 Rblk/ImpBlk from his early day at Texas as a Runninback recruit, it helps bump his Ovr up a little…. I’m a little confused by his jump rating only being a 69 tho, while NIck Hayden who isnt HALF the athlete gets a 70…lol. Meltons 35″ vertical deserves atleast a mid 80’s rating… In my opinion anyway…

          • That Nigga Toguro

            that’s the kind of thing that puzzles me. It’s like the guy that does the ratings just watches highlights and guessed everybody’s ratings lol


    Fredrick DEF. should have higher STR rating. Best Run Blk C in NFL last year. and DeVonte Holloman is gettin SCREWED STILL… He was described as one of the most fluid moving LBs in drills and runs same 40 as S.Lee n Hitchens who r 83 and 80 speed. and Holloman is at 77spd w 72 agil!?! and 78 accel!?!?!?

  • Malcolm J. Eatman-Goode

    I’m a little upset about Dwyane Harris’ return rating at 78.