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Madden NFL 15 Quick Fix For Desync Errors

EA recommends a pseudo-fix for the desync errors until patch day.
EA recommends a pseudo-fix for the desync errors until patch day.

Quite a few players have reported issues with online games desyncing and ultimately causing disconnects, and it appears the primary culprit has been discovered by EA: It’s likely a result of inconsistency in graphical options.

Madden NFL 15 developer Josh Looman went to Twitter with what he knew about the issue to try and help fans. “According to my team, the desyncs are being caused by league users having different settings for kicking arc and defensive graphics,” said Looman, who has no-doubt been one of the many devs receiving complaints across social media from users unable to complete their games.

If you think this find means that a quick server-side update is right around the corner (like with sim stats), then you are out of luck, as the issue appears to be something that will have to be handled in a proper patch along with many more quirks found this year.

Madden 15 Desync Error Quick Fix

There is, however, a pseudo-solution you can use to give yourself the best opportunity to avoid desync errors, and that’s by ensuring your kicking arc and defensive graphic settings are the same as your opponent. In short: Keep them default, because that’s what most users will have them as, or if you are in an online league try to coordinate with your opponent before the game.

With such an unprecedented amount of significant bugs being found this year, we might have to update our Madden 15 review which talked mostly about the gameplay. It’s expected that the longer you play a game the more you see issues that previously went unnoticed start to arise, but some of the issues that have cropped up have proven to be quite the nuisance for players.

I guess it’s “Bug Fixing Season” for EA.

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  • chetty12

    The camera toggle setting must be the same as well.

    • P.T.

      yup this is what kills me, even the head of CFM dont really know . Camera toggle , im willing to bet is the real killer here too. Now im stuck not being able to use the d camera cause EA dont test new features well enough. Thanks EA! you dont even know what the problem is , so im not expecting you to fix it to soon.

  • Griff

    WRONG We run a league where ALL settings for camera kick arc and the like are the same and you still get desync issues

    • P.T.

      hahaha, that just means your getting the “normal DC” for madden , It always is a plague. this just means if you have all those the same, it will reduce the number you have.sadly EA refuses to listen to us, and make the game auto save online cfm games every so often during the game, so in case of a DC at least players could pick back up at a fairly close place, with stats and scores about like it was before DC. Cause its more than obvious they way they have us connecting to each other is VERY FLAWED and i dont think they know how to fix that, so at least make the game auto save info periodically during online games It could auto erase the info as soon as game is completed, so not taking up so much memory. But they wont ever do this… even though, this is “next gen ” smh


    my Madden 15 keeps saying game error blah blah blah blah help?

  • E46M54MS45

    wtf is with the desync?? first play of the game 99 yard return with lafell.

  • Deanna

    What’s up with this desync issue??