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Madden 15 Best DT Ratings: Geno Atkins Back to #2

Geno Atkins remains one of Madden's most elite defenders.
Geno Atkins remains one of Madden's most elite defenders.

Madden NFL 15 DT ratings for the best players at the position are up next in EA’s ratings reveal schedule, which means we can finally learn the final piece of the line puzzle in this season’s most anticipated upcoming football video game.

Yesterday we learned all about the Madden 15 DE ratings, and the day before that we learned about the big uglies on the offensive side of the ball. Now, with the best DT ratings revealed, we’ve got our first glimpse of the major players taking part in this year’s War in The Trenches 2.0.

So, without further adieu, who are this year’s best of the best in player ratings at DT for Madden 15? Let’s start digging into the names and find out exactly who landed where in this year’s top five. While some of the names might not surprise you, it’s still always interesting to see what did and didn’t change from the previous season.

Madden 15 Top 5 DT Ratings: Who Made The List?

When talking about the best defensive tackles in Madden NFL (or the NFL for that matter), there’s always two players that rise above the conversation to stake their claim as the best of the best, and this year is no different. This season, Detroit Lions interior defender Ndamukong Suh has reclaimed his throne as the top DT in the game at 97 overall, with Cincinnati Bengals star Geno Atkins right behind him at 96 overall. Despite 6 sacks in just 9 games before an injury put Atkins on IR, that wasn’t enough to maintain the top spot.

The remaining top five includes Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass rush extraordinaire Gerald McCoy (95 overall) and Buffalo Bills mainstay Kyle Williams (95). Tennessee Titans emergent star Jurrell Casey (93 overall), who had a coming out party in his third year in the league last season with 10.5 sacks in just fifteen games, closes out the top five, although it’s possible other players may share his rating and Casey was simply selected to represent the ratings group.

Madden 15 Best DT Ratings: Geno Atkins Back to #2

Ndamukong Suh (97 Overall)
Madden 15 Ndamukong Suh ratings
PURSUIT: 95 (3rd) / POWER MOVES: 97 (T-2nd) / HIT POWER: 95 (1st) / STR: 98 (T-2nd) / AGI: 82 (1st)

Geno Atkins (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Geno Atkins ratings
ACCELERATION: 92 (2nd) / POWER MOVES: 98 (1st)

Gerald McCoy (95 Overall)
Madden 15 Gerald McCoy ratings
POWER MOVES: 97 (T-2nd) / TACKLING: 91 / PURSUIT: 95

Kyle Williams (95 Overall)
Madden 15 Kyle Williams ratings
POWER MOVES: 95 (4th) / TACKLING: 95 (2nd) / AWARENESS: 95 (1st)

Jurrell Casey (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Jurrell Casey ratings
POWER MOVES: 88 / PURSUIT: 95 (3rd) / TACKLING: 94

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  • Seth

    Just saw the DT rankings, it’s about time you accepted that Kyle Williams was alive, 68 last year? Madden has been my go to for 12 years, but you bumble something up that bad again and I’ll personally start a petition and force NFL to open back up to 2K sports. When I petitioned it months ago, you told me it was the way it was supposed to be, DO YOU EVEN WATCH FOOTBALL!?

    • GoMadden

      We’re not the official Madden NFL site, we’re just a fan blog on football games (Madden, fantasy, etc etc). As for Kyle Williams, he wasn’t actually rated 68 last year. What you were looking at is his scheme fit. Scheme fit reflects how well a player does what it is you want him to do for your scheme. If you put a monster run stuffer into a pass rushing scheme, for example, all his ratings will remain the same, but his overall will appear low because he’s meant to stop the run, not the pass. Same goes in reverse.

      In terms of actual ratings that do anything, Kyle Williams has been reflected as a great player for a long time.

      I think EA specifically fixed the default scheme for the Bills this year though so it doesn’t appear anymore as if he’s a bad player, when in fact he’s quite good! I hope that helps clear some things up :)

      • Seth

        Thanks for your comment, and yes I do kno you’re a fan site which is why me as a fan and critic feels comfortable letting them know how I feel, this is IMO the best Madden source on the net which is why I kno they will see this. I understand the scheme versus the overall, but without any adjustment in the game he was 68 on one of the most formidable defensive lines in the league (3 out of 4 pro bowl fixtures) last year. While i do understand that by game he would match up at different rating, more often than not in his defense where he was so stellar again last year it should not have taken me playing around with schemes to find the right fit. It was the most frustrating part of Madden 25. It was easier to release him as not one of any of the other teams on any of the seasons I played would trade for him and that quite honestly as a fan was depressing. Sure the rest of the team was as usual… Jacked. But that’s why I was so mad, I enjoy playing with the stock team and with it all messed up they forced me to change the team from day one which was bs. Thanks for your reply and the site is great!

  • Sharat

    Both Atkins and McCoy are better than Suh currently.