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GCR Talks Madden 15’s New Gauntlet, Tackling & D-Line

Game Changers Radio is back on the Madden 15 grind tonight at 9:00 PM EST
Game Changers Radio is back on the Madden 15 grind tonight at 9:00 PM EST

Game Changers Radio is back again tonight — as they are every Tuesday — to talk about what’s new and what’s interesting in the world of Madden 15, and this time they’ll be focusing on all the key game features revealed in videos from the past week.

We got our first official look at The Gauntlet in a new trailer just the other day, as well as further insight on Madden 15’s improved tackling mechanics and the extensive D-Line control changes that will cornerstone this year’s heavy focus on defense. Now, we’ll be getting insight from EA Game Changers and GCR hosts Shopmaster and MadScientist06.

Each episode of GCR typically runs about two hours, and in tonight’s show they’ll be taking questions from fans on the core features revealed above. These features have been brought to the forefront this past week by EA, and while opinions have been tossed back and forth around the community since then, this will be a live opportunity to get some insight into the modes and features from those with hands-on experience. They’ll even answer concerns about rumors regarding whether or not there will be a Madden demo this year, and touch on other topics in the sports community, like LeBron James heading back to Cleveland, Germany winning the World Cup, and other EA titles on the horizon like FIFA, NHL and NBA Live.

Game Changers Radio #158 (Madden 15 War in The Trenches & Tackling)

Tonight’s episode of Game Changers Radio will take place at 9:00 PM EST. You can listen to the show after it ends below, or you can head on over to the GCR show page to listen live. Hosts @Shopmaster and @MadScientist06 will likely be on Twitter at points during the show, so if you don’t want to call in, that might be one way to get your question answered.

Game Changers Radio #158 has just ended. Catch the show recap below once it’s up online.

Show Topic Rundown

(760) 454-1156
1. Madden Features
– The Gauntlet
– War in the Trenches
– New Tackling Mechanism
2. Madden Information
– Will there be a Madden Demo this year?
– Madden Incentives
3. Misc.
– LeBron goes home
– Germany wins the World Cup

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  • Guest

    I am looking for the demo on PSN but it is not listed anywhere. Help!

    • Immed23

      i cant find it either! easports site says its available to us as well but someone is lying

      • daniel

        alot of websites have said its avialible for the PS3 but i cant find it on PSN.

        • GoMadden

          The only thing I know about the PS3 demo is that it is expected to follow shortly after the 360 demo. Some are reporting that means sometime today.

  • daniel

    i cant find it either. do we have to wait until tommorow

  • Lightning

    Sony’s being Sony, and only updating the PS Store every Tuesday. Even though EA released the demo already, today is Monday. =(

  • Guest

    Where is the demo i checked PSN but it’s not there hopefully it will be there sometime today

  • GoMadden

    I’m not sure how Disqus has confused this post with a story from four years ago, but I’m leaving these comments up for the Lulz. Lol.

    • Shopmaster