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Madden 15 Game Developer Q&A

Madden 15 devs took to Twitter this past week to field questions from fans.
Madden 15 devs took to Twitter this past week to field questions from fans.

If you ever wanted to ask a video game developer about their game before its release, then you should have been on Twitter this past week as Madden 15 Creative Director Rex Dickson answered just such questions from fans.

While we already know quite a lot about Madden NFL 15 thanks to E3, it’s good to see a key video game developer come out and respond to fans directly. In total, Dickson and the team selected eight questions worth highlighting on Madden’s official blog.

While you can go ahead and read the blog and tweets if you want for insight into this year’s game design, we’ve gone ahead and isolated the key points learned from Dickson’s Q&A with fans, and laid them out below.

Madden 15 Video Game Developer Q&A

• The defensive camera is disabled for local head-to-head play
• The defensive camera is also optional, and can be toggled in pre-play.
• Man and zone coverage have been completely overhauled.
• Madden 15 has progressive lightning, and is most noticeable in 4:15 games.
• Pass (in)accuracy, blocking animations and A.I. tweaks highlight offense changes.
• Additional information about game modes (such as CFM) are still coming.
• A.I. changes are most noticeable in man/zone coverage & QB passing.
• The kicking meter has a new interface, kick arc graphic & wind matters
• The aforementioned kicking changes also apply to punts (coffin corners anyone?)
• Ratings matter a lot in OL/DL interactions, not just pass rush execution
• A.I. pass rush is amped up in All-Madden difficulty
• User-controlled pass rush “wins” get easier the lower you go in difficulty

Keep in mind that the points outlined are not all of the changes to Madden NFL 15, just the ones discussed in the Q&A with video game developer & creative director Rex Dickson. Defense alone appears to be seeing a ton of changes as part of the focus on this year’s game design, and then there’s that new Gauntlet mode that everyone seems to have everyone who played it excited.

With Madden 15’s release on August 26th still a ways away, there will be plenty to learn in the coming weeks and months about what’s new in the game this year. We already know who the highest rated player is, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Madden 15 player ratings trickle out soon.

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    Should I buy it or nah??

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    They should give u a choice of connected franchise and the old franchise mode

    • GoMadden

      What would be the point may I ask? I’m fairly sure connected franchise is just a re-naming. It includes everything from before if I’m correct. Unless you are talking about the old scouting system.

      • Ryan Taylor

        GoMadden….some people just don’t get it.

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    I really hope man and zone is good this year defense was funky in 25

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    ive always wanted D cams. doesn’t feel like football when you comin at qb from his pov.

  • @willduBeast

    Can we watch CPU vs CPu in cfm? I would like to know because this is a feature that will determine if I buy the game or notI’ve tried asking via Twitter but have gotten no response maybe you can help me thank you