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First Glimpse of Madden 15 Gameplay Arrives

Relax, Luke, it's only a Madden 15 gameplay trailer.
Relax, Luke, it's only a Madden 15 gameplay trailer.

We knew it wouldn’t be long until we got our first look at Madden 15 in action, and now just a day removed from the first screenshot, we’ve got our first gameplay(ish) trailer of the game.

The new Madden 15 gameplay trailer was just put up today by EA Sports, and it once again features Carolina Panthers LB Luke Kuechly before seguing into a few glimpses of the game in action. The trailer actually is remarkably similar to the one we saw last season, that had defenders racing to get to the edge of the field to cut off a running back, but the focus this year is different. Last year, it was all about precision modifiers on offense, and making moves in the open field. This year, there’s a renewed focus on defense, making the tackle and rushing the passer.

Perhaps the most insightful part of the the trailer comes at the end, as Kansas City Chiefs OLB Justin Houston bull rushes the offensive line — getting visible push — before disengaging and wrapping around the inside for the sack on Philip Rivers. Also fantastic is the scene of J.J. Watt man-handling an offensive lineman on the Jaguars, and practically “swatting” him off the screen as he chases down the quarterback.

Early last year we wrote an extensive piece on how Madden could improve its game with a more advanced d-line control system, and while we don’t know how much (if any) of it will be a part of the game, it’s clear the development team got the memo that interactions on the defensive line needed work. From what little we can see from the gameplay trailer, they put a real focus on those interactions up front.

Expect to see more videos like this in the coming week as we get closer to E3 2014.

Madden 15 Gameplay Trailer (E3 2014)

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