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Madden 15 Gauntlet Mode: What We Know

Madden NFL 15 is bringing back the fun with The Gauntlet
Madden NFL 15 is bringing back the fun with The Gauntlet

Mini-games are a long-lost art in the Madden franchise, but they are making a comeback with the Madden 15 Gauntlet Mode, which we are only learning more about now for the first time thanks to a hands-on impression over at GoodGameBro.

‘The Gauntlet’ mode is an arcade-styled mini-game in Madden 15 that will give players a set amount of “lives,” and throw them right into the devilish minds of the game developers. In this mode, the team takes, shall we say, creative liberties with its game design to give players challenges like they’ve never seen before, and would never see on the field.

Madden 15 Gauntlet Mode is Arcade-Inspired

Each mini-challenge is based around a particular theme — like getting a first down on an option run — and things get particularly weird once you’ve passed a few levels and reach the boss battles. Yes, you heard me right, there will be boss battles built into the game design of Madden 15’s Gauntlet mode. A few zany examples of boss battles given by GoodGameBro include:

• Kick a 107 yard field goal from your end-zone in hurricane-force winds (230 miles per hour)
• Go from one end-zone to the other behind 11 offensive linemen trying to avoid 15-20 on-coming tacklers
• Throw to a receiver in a specific hot zone on the field in a sea of defenders

There are quite a lot of levels in the game from what we can gather, and with a boss battle every five or so that means quite a few unique moments as well. Clearly, the game developers are trying to tap into the much-beloved mini-game history of Madden games of old, the likes of which we’ve never truly seen again. Last season Madden 25 introduced a skills trainer mode that had a somewhat mini-game feel to it, but was meant more for educating players (something they expanded further in Madden 15), but this is the first dedicated mini-game mode that’s been a real part of Madden’s game design in ages.

Madden 15’s Game Design Focus is on Playability

“While the mode is made for a fun and unique look at the game, I found it to be highly addictive, and found myself always trying to beat my high-score,” said Corey Andress of GoodGameBro, who found himself enjoying the mode more than he probably expected heading in.

Overall enjoyment, it seems, has been a big focus from the game developers in Madden this year. Aside from The Gauntlet mode, Madden 15 is focusing primarily on the defensive side of the ball and giving players more control, particularly on the defensive line where it has been said as much as 40% of players spend their time at in Madden games. With such a strong focus on play experience this season, we probably won’t be able to make an accurate assessment on how much the game design has improved until a Madden 15 demo drops (hopefully in the near future). Last year, the first Madden 25 demo was released in the second week of August.

Unfortunately, at this time no pictures or videos are allowed of Madden 15 at EA’s E3 floor, and the best you’ll find only briefly show background footage during interviews with various game developers. As soon as the first visual details of Madden 15’s Gauntlet mode are unveiled, we’ll be sure to update you.

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