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Madden 15 Will Have New Jaguars Video Boards

The Jaguars new video board is making its way to Madden 15. (Image: Twitter/JungleJim77)
The Jaguars new video board is making its way to Madden 15. (Image: Twitter/JungleJim77)

Madden 15 isn’t due out until the end of August, but it appears they’ve already beat the Jacksonville Jaguars to the punch in unveiling what’s claimed to be the world’s largest video boards, albeit in the digital stadium, not the real one.

The new Jaguars in-stadium video boards are expected to be unveiled on July 26th, in a kick-off concert of sorts starring Carrie Underwood, however our first glimpse of the new attraction actually came in a Madden 15 video released today by EA SPORTS, which touched on some of the defensive changes to this year’s game, and showed a glimpse of the boards in its footage.

Built 362-feet wide, the Jaguars new video board eclipses the previous record holder of 277 FT by the Houston Texans in NRG Stadium, making it 30% larger than its closest competitor. The Jaguars made the renovation as part of an overall plan to improve the in-stadium experience for fans, which also includes poolside cabanas and “field seats.” The result of these rennovations, along with apparent enthusiasm in the coach Gus Bradley / GM Dave Caldwell regime has even put the Jags on pace to lead the league in new season ticket sales.

Attention to detail is a big deal to a lot of Madden NFL fans, particularly those that like to consume themselves in Connected Franchise mode each season. There were some early concerns as to whether or not Madden 15 would even feature the new boards, however the video today clearly shows that’s not a concern anyone needs to worry about. In fact, quite a lot of Jaguars inaccuracies have been corrected since last year.

Madden 15 Shows Glimpse of Jaguars Video Boards

It’s unclear whether the rest of the Jags stadium renovations will be in the game this year, considering their on-going construction. For now, however, a first rendition of the new big video boards are featured in the game. Big shout out to @GoodGameBro for spotting this one.

Madden NFL 15 Jacksonville Jaguars Video Boards

And just for kicks, here’s a nice aerial view of the stadium construction from a month ago, including a look at the new video boards on both ends of EverBank Field.

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