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Madden 15 Matchup Stick Helps Players See Like a Coach

Madden's new matchup stick is something every player can appreciate.
Madden's new matchup stick is something every player can appreciate.

There appear to be a lot of quality-of-life changes made in Madden this year, but one particularly awesome addition to the game that might be flying under the radar is the new Madden 15 matchup stick, and we’ve got our first look at how it looks and what it does on the field.

Madden 15 has been all about defense, putting more control in the hands of players (even cameras!) and improving the feel of the game through small, but appreciated quality-of-life changes.

One such way EA is hoping to give players more control, and make their lives much easier in the process is by introducing a “matchup stick” to the game, which will allow you to identify potential mismatches on the field in real time by showing you the many advantages (or disadvantages) your player might have against the player lining up across from him.

Madden 15 Matchup Stick

To use the matchup stick in Madden 15, you simply have to bring up matchup menu, and roll through the different players on the field with the right joystick. From here, you can see who would likely be assigned to who in man assignments, and what kind of advantage your player might have over the defender (if any).

This is an incredibly useful tool to have, because it’s not always easy to see what defender is lined up across from your receiver, so even if you have a deep understanding of the ratings of the opposing roster, differing depth charts mean you can’t always be sure who is in front of who on the field. With the matchup stick, those worries disappear.

The matchup stick includes all the key attributes you would want to know when identifying mismatches from a purity standpoint. Things like route running vs. man coverage (revealed in the photo on the right as a +4 advantage), height, speed, and even the press release advantage are all visible on the screen. For players where it might not be immediately obvious who would be covering them (such as a running back), the game gives you the raw numbers of the players as a helpful reminder. It even appears from gameplay videos that you might even be able to see the mismatches on the offensive line from both a run-blocking, and pass-blocking perspective.

As far as good ideas go, EA really nailed it on this one. This is something both casual, and die-hard competitive players will greatly appreciate. While the idea is really a carry-over from NCAA Football 14 (and older NCAA games), the execution appears much better and should really help players understand the nuances of the field more.

Madden 15 Matchup Stick Video

If you want to see the Madden 15 matchup stick in action, check out the video below from @Shopmaster which puts the new feature in focus. For more Madden 15 videos, check out the regularly-updated list of footage from E3.

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  • cordell

    this is going to change the game

    • GoMadden

      Agreed man, been wanting something like this for a while now!

  • Steel226

    Very exciting.This very well could be the best Madden ever.