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Madden 15 Packers Ratings

The Green Bay Packers remain a monster in Madden 15.
The Green Bay Packers remain a monster in Madden 15.

Madden 15 Packers ratings are now out and ready to be scrutinized by fans, but before you do, let’s not forget one important thing: This team is easily one of the best in the game.

The Green Bay Packers might not have finished the season the way they wanted at 8-7-1, but one couldn’t expect much else with significant injuries at key positions, like the loss of Aaron Rodgers (98 overall) for a few games, as well as stud slot player Randall Cobb (89). The Packers Madden 15 roster is deep with talent on the offensive side of the ball, which should surprise no one.

Whether it’s Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson (93) or Eddie Lacy (87), there is a lot to like on the offensive side for the Packers. Personally, I absolutely love rookie wideout Davante Adams (72), and while his ratings don’t reflect how good I think he can be yet, that can change very quickly should he manage to take over the role of Jarrett Boykin at some point in the season.

If you want to know more about the Madden 15 Packers ratings in this year’s football video game from EA SPORTS, then check out the ratings spreadsheet we’ve set up below. We’ve even gone ahead and split the ratings up into position groups for you, and made it so you can sort by your preferred rating.

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*Click on the rating header to sort high/low for that attribute. Check out this page for a glossary of terms. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information, but it will help explain what abbreviations like “PUR,” mean if you don’t know already.

Madden 15 Packers Ratings


Wide Receiver & TE

Running Back & Fullback

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



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  • Brandon Ragland

    This is a good team defense wise, but your to restricted on offense.