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Madden 15 Explains D-Line Controls in New Video

Pass rushing on the d-line is getting a major re-do in Madden 15.
Pass rushing on the d-line is getting a major re-do in Madden 15.

It’s been a few weeks now since we learned about the overhauled defensive line play in EA’s upcoming Madden 15, but now EA has gone in depth to explain how exactly Madden NFL 15’s “War in The Trenches 2.0” works in a brand-new gameplay video released to fans.

We wrote at length last season about the dire need for Madden NFL to update its line play on the defensive side of the ball, particularly involving user-control, and it’s clear EA heard our pleas for a deeper, richer experience. While it doesn’t appear they added everything we wanted to see (or implemented it the same way), it’s quite obvious that user-control on the defensive line has been greatly enhanced.

In previous Madden games, rushing the passer with user-control on the d-line was almost always a matter of either instantly shedding a block for a sack, or staying stuck and out of the play until its end. Other times, tactics involved swooping around OTs in an attempt to hit the edge faster than the computer could set up, but in either case the results were the same: Wholly unrealistic and unsatisfying. With “War in The Trenches 2.0,” players are being given unprecedented control on the line, including not just pass rush moves, but set-ups for pass rush moves like line steering, or first-step ability to break on the snap similar to NCAA games of past.

There is some early concern that Madden’s approach to pass rushing this year might either be too powerful, or not as deep as it appears (simply a matter of pressing a button on time to watch quick-time events). Whether or not the new defensive line play holds up to scrutiny is something we won’t know until we get our hands on a demo release, presumably in a couple of weeks. Until then, it’s great to see EA focus on giving players more control of their players on the d-line, so they can better feel their impact on the field. In fact, the renewed focus on defense as a whole is refreshing.

Quick note: All of the notification indicators (“Perfect” and such) can be turned off in the game options.

Madden 15: War in The Trenches 2.0

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  • Brandon Ragland

    Actually nervous about this being in the game, hopefully it isn’t super easy to do… could be a pain. Especially with someone like jj watt and clowney. It looked like all the plays they showed it was a few seconds into the play though. I’m actually excited about a madden for once.

    • steelgatez

      yeah me too it will probably be super OP but thats why they have patches I guess

      • Brandon Ragland

        Yeah the only thing is they don’t patch anything for 6 months at a time, and by then everyone is burning their madden disks lol

    • GoMadden

      I’m a bit worried too. But, if you think about it, when you control the d-line you are already giving up a lot of defensive power by not usering the safety or linebacker. So, even if usering the d-line is a little overpowered, it would likely balance out a bit from a gameplay perspect.

      In terms of successful execution though, yeah, hopefully it’s more than just being higher rated than a guy and hitting a button at the right time. Hopefully player steering plays a big role in setting up defenders, and the angle in which you attack from has a big influence on your pass rush success/style (I think this is what they meant by contextual pass rush animations).

      • Brandon Ragland

        I guess this could be balanced like you said though, all you have to do is evade with the qb with the right stick anyhow.

    • Anthony Bunn

      you also have to put their stamina into consideration I’m pretty sure people won’t be able to abuse this skill play after play. The only reason why it looked so easy was because they were showing examples from the game for the videos sake just to show that it actually works…

  • MaddenFan

    Yeah there’s always hackers in madden,so if they hack this and i have 3 seconds in the pocket before getting sacked I’m gonna be upset.

    • GoMadden

      Yeah, those quick rushes are always tough. Hopefully they’ve tested this extensively.