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Madden 15 Will Have Pre-Snap Camera Control

Madden 15's focus has been all about giving you more control.
Madden 15's focus has been all about giving you more control.

Much of the talk surrounding Madden 15 camera angles has been focused on the new defensive views added to the game, but a pretty nice quality-of-life addition was revealed regarding views in general in the game: You can now adjust the camera in live game, before the play begins.

There was a time in Madden where you were once stuck with whatever camera mode you entered the game with for the remainder of the game, and more recently you had to least fiddle around in the pause menu, but those days seem long gone as the new Madden 15 era is ushering in the ability to choose your camera mode during pre-snap with controls on the dpad.

The quality-of-life change this presents to players will probably be understated — it is just camera mode control after all — but it’s one that will definitely be appreciated. Madden 15 producer Senn Graddy believes the new pre-snap camera control isn’t just about making things easier, but also providing more strategic options to gamers.

“Sometimes you might find the ‘zoom’ camera is the best camera for a run up the middle, sometimes you go into what we call our ‘All-22’ which is where you see all 22 players on the field, to go pass the ball or do a kick return something like that. It’s kind of a sleeper feature that I think our fans are really going to love.”

Personally, I really like this idea and could certainly see myself using the different camera views based on what I’m hoping to accomplish on the field with that player. It’s true that there are camera angles that might be more “fun” for certain things, but take away from the strategy or experience during other predictable scenarios (try sideline passes on some camera angles, yikes!), so the option to make adjustments to the camera before the snap is a much-welcomed change.

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