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Madden 15 Sim Stats Improved in New Update

Quarterbacks should see better stats in sims this time around.
Quarterbacks should see better stats in sims this time around.

A new server-side update to Madden NFL 15 has improved the sim stat issue that has been wrecking havoc in Franchise leagues by vastly under-serving key positions like quarterback, this according to a statement made on Twitter by developer Josh Looman.

“Just confirmed personally that sim stats are fixed for online leagues,” said Looman on Saturday. “This wasn’t a tuning issue… it was a bug in code that caused it.”

While many believed something needed to be done with default sliders or major adjustments needed to be made, Looman has come right out and said it was in fact a bug in the code that was causing the sim issues, which mostly included quarterbacks wildly under-performing and seeing its collateral damage spread to other position groups. This also helps explain why no one caught such an obvious issue before release. Bugs, in fact, have been quite the topic in the early release of Madden 15, likely due to the shortened development cycle this year with work on last year’s Xbox One and PS4 games taking away from work for this season.

We certainly love Madden 15 as far as gameplay goes, however there’s no question that there are more bugs than usual in this release, with some like the sim issue and online head-to-head games not registering all the time of course being game breaking. It’s expected that much will be done to correct issues, minor fixes of which have already arrived to some extent.

Other major issues that still linger include custom audibles not saving correctly, as well as a few minor (and hideous) physics and model freakouts.

It’s likely many of the other issues are being pushed into a proper patch that will arrive early in the season.

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  • Hubblei

    They need to fix the desync issue in Connected franchises. User vs user games get dropped because of some desync issue.

  • chris9465

    it has nothing to do with the shortened development cycle….you must be new to covering EA games….

    they have never released a game that hasn’t had major bugs issues or glitches in the age of the internet downloadable patch…..EA releases nothing but $60 beta copies then finishes making the game……after they have your money and all the bugs and glitches are revealed…….

    if it wasn’t for the downloadable patch they would never and could never get away with what they do……which is always sell unfinished games……

    • GoMadden

      Bugs have existed in the past, yes. Bugs this apparent, pervasive and wide-spread, however, are not typical.