Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Madden 15 Random Draft Classes To Stop CFM Cheats

Draft guides will become obsolete in Madden NFL 15.
Draft guides will become obsolete in Madden NFL 15.

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar: You’re playing an online franchise with a bunch of other players, you’ve spent hours searching for the best sleeper prospects to draft in the later rounds, and come draft day you watch them all get selected one at a time, much higher than their projected draft slot.

You’ve been cheated. The entire league is using online draft guides to find the best players without any scouting.

Madden 15 is looking to change all of that with one very underrated announcement among the many CFM details released: Draft classes will be random. For online franchise mode players, it’s a complete game changer, and will bring back some of the natural volatility that a draft is supposed to provide.

EA Recognized The Need in Madden 15

“We went into this year thinking that that’s been a massive amount of work for us as a design team to create all those guys by hand and make sure they are all perfect, but we understand that it does cause problems in online leagues,” said Josh Looman in a video interview with VSN, making a point to highlight the benefits of such a system from a developer perspective.

“So, we decided to go back to the drawing board and make sure all of our draft classes were randomized, everything about every player is randomized, we build it in such a way so that draft classes that are generated actually end up looking like hand created classes.”

In fact, EA didn’t just randomize the classes, they built an entire player generation system to make that happen this year.

“…we built this pretty extensive tool that creates these random classes, it’s in the game now, you’ll never have the same draft class twice, you’ll never have the same player twice. College, face, height weight, all that kind of stuff is randomly generated… We just wanted to make sure that we addressed that issue, but the secondary thing is just adding that unlimited replayability.”

It Won’t Sell Madden 15, But It Makes Madden 15 Better

The addition of random draft classes isn’t something that is going to be printed on the back of a game case and used as the primary spear in any marketing campaign, however from a player perspective it’s a crucial change that has been long-desired by fans. We wrote extensively about the need of random draft classes last season, however when we heard that wasn’t going to happen in Madden 25, we didn’t get out hopes up that it would be in by Madden 15.

Clearly, Josh Looman and the rest of the Franchise team took notice to just how rampant cheating was in online leagues, and made a strong effort to take action. I think it’s very important that when we as a community are vocal about getting nuanced changes, that we are just as appreciative when they arrive as we are loud when they’re not here.

Along with the addition of random draft classes, EA has also introduced random storylines that match players, so the initial concern of player stories being left out with the introduction of random classes seems to be something that has already been dealt with. With random draft classes now in Madden NFL 15, along with the new Game Prep player development system, Franchise mode should be better than ever in leagues, online or off.

Player development has always been a tedious, boring affair in Madden NFL, while online scouting was pretty much obsolete with draft guide cheaters. Now, with enhancements made to help curtail both issues, the only thing left to do it seems is find an online league and try it out for yourself come release on August 26th.

What do you think about random draft classes in Madden 15?

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  • Warner Bush

    i hate this. just make real college players. i want madden to be realistic. not with random nobodys you don’t even use.

    • Ryan Taylor

      how is that supposed to work when you’re 10 years into a franchise?

    • GoMadden

      You can’t make real college players, there’s issues there with using the likeness of players. That’s why there is no NCAA Football now. They simply don’t have the legal footing to do it.

      Also, the team sounds like they’ve built some utility into players. They’re not completely random, just random in the sense that you shouldn’t be able to predict who will and won’t be good in advance. The team still crafts a range of “types” of players that emerge. For example, “sleeper” creations, or “big back” creations, etc.

      • magic913

        In next years Madden u need to allow the commissioner I can go in and change the names of the players in the draft class

      • Johnny Bigrig

        I haven’t played it yet, which is why I’m randomly commenting on a half-year old threat, but what I was hoping to find by searching this thread out is to see if their random class ends up putting a bunch of weird guys out there as the studs.

        I just don’t want to draft LaDeondre Jefferson, the 5’7 white QB, or Mark Goldstein, the 6’5 black RB with long flowing blonde hair.

    • chris9465

      Id love to see a madden mode where you could start in say 1990 or 1993 whatever…..start your Career at that point…….keep the same historic draft classes as you progress or have the drafts again…..

      Id gladly pay extra for an add on generations mode start in 1993 and do my own drafts…..players could be rated by there past ability so as an example Tom Brady would go in the 1st Rd if the draft was done by the user if its historic the drafts are done according to history and brady would still be drafted by the computer in the 6th round

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        Good idea…

      • Johnny Bigrig

        So you’d want to basically time travel back and just take the 7 of the best 30 players in that draft?

        I’m down for that if they also include a CPU owner that fires you for drafting Tom Brady in the 2nd round when every one knew he was going late.

  • Red Beard

    This is a great idea in theory. However, we need to be able to scout more players, too. The current scouting system just did not give enough scouting points.

    • Jamal Ayyob

      I agree. It needs to allow more scouting and scouting more accurate then.

  • bubby

    so are they actually gonna have realistic rating for rookies this time? it was so annoying getting receivers with 95 speed but 65 acceleration and agility.

    • chris9465

      there should be certain minimums for certain positional attributes I cant stand seeing a drafted O-lineman with a 60 for strength he couldnt block and an old lady with a 60 strength…. minimum strength attribute should be 80

    • Johnny Bigrig

      It’s really not that far-fetched to see a guy with a 95 speed and only a 70ish acceleration/agility. A lot of guys have great straight line or top speed, but aren’t very quick at cuts or maneuvering their body. Randy Moss comes to mind. As a rookie he ran like a deer, but he wasn’t going to break ankles.

      I’m all for the idea of being “realistic” but that should include an entire revamp of how stats are generated. A guy with 1 speed should be literally the slowest person on Earth, while a guy with 100 speed should be the fastest man on Earth. Or at least in the NFL. a 50 should be average.. not good, not bad, just average, and instead it’s kind of like that attractiveness scale where you say someone is a “5” and it’s the worst thing ever because that means they look like Gollum or something. A 5 should be someone who is neither attractive nor ugly.

      That’s just a pet peeve of my mind. Don’t start “average” at 7. Start it at 5.

  • chris9465

    at least they are finally trying to add the depth and customizing….still doesnt have depth and customization of 2K5 but like i said its 2014 they are least their finally trying….

    now add restricted free agency & multiple contract offers ie front or back load alternate years ascending,descending…etc re-negotiate contracts to keep aging veterans open up cap space ,with huge contracts……

    josh looman has been the worst creative director this game has ever seen…..I am more convinced than ever that Donnie Moore doesnt know the difference between cricket and football with his ridiculous attributes….

    Can we get some of the in game customization that was available in NCAA like switching between a hurry up offense the play and game clock runs minimal to a conservative game where the play clock and game clock accelerate WRs on a broken play send them deep or come back to the QB

  • sean

    I like the new additions however they need to applies the option for you to scrimmage in the game prep. That allows you the ability to practice with your team in between player games. They misdeed the boat on that.

  • Derek Caldwell

    What I want to see in madden more than anything is like what they have in NMA 2K games with historic teams. I would love to be able to play with 93-95 cowboys teams like that. The ones I watched growing up as a kid.

    • Johnny Bigrig

      Yeah but it’s just so awkward and weird playing the 93 Cowboys against the 2015 Jaguars. The same thing with putting in “Legends.” Jim Brown shouldn’t be a rookie in 2017. It’s cool that it’s an option for people who like that, but it completely removes any notion of reality out of it for me and makes it cartoony.

  • Xsjado

    The problem is you shouldn’t have to scout physical attributes such as speed/acceleration, the NFL combine gives these pieces of information.

    • Brian Pescod

      hells ya