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Madden 15 Best DE Ratings: Cameron Jordan in Top 5

Cameron Jordan is part of a youth movement at DE in Madden 15.
Cameron Jordan is part of a youth movement at DE in Madden 15.

Madden 15 player ratings for the best defensive ends are set to be unveiled this afternoon by EA SPORTS, as the upcoming football video game continues the ratings reveal process it set in motion just days ago.

The full Madden 15 ratings release schedule can be viewed to guide you on what ratings have already been revealed, and which ones are just around the corner. Yesterday, we learned about the big uglies on the offensive side of the ball, and now we’re getting our first glimpse at edge defenders on the defensive line.

Defensive ends are a particularly notable position in this year’s game, as they will be the primary beneficiaries of some core gameplay enhancements found in Madden NFL 15. The entire d-line controls for rushing the passer have been overhauled, and it’s said that now more than ever great pass rushers feel like a real force to user control in Madden.

Madden NFL 15 DE Ratings: Who Landed in The Top 5?

It comes as little surprise that Houston Texans LE J.J. Watt remains the #1 defensive end in Madden NFL, as he managed to recapture the 99 overall rating he had in Madden NFL 25. Currently, Watt joins an elite few players at 99 overall, with only Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson and Richard Sherman revealed to hold such honors.

Right behind Watt and closing in fast is St. Louis Rams star RE Robert Quinn (97 overall). Quinn finished out the Madden 25 season tied with numerous other ends at 96 overall, however he now stands alone as the closest player to Watt. Quinn’s rare combination of power and quickness allowed him to rack up a mind-boggling 19 sacks in just his third year, all while forcing 7 fumbles in the process.

With Watt and Quinn securing the first and second spots in Madden 15’s top DE ratings, Miami Dolphins veteran RE Cameron Wake grabbed the third spot at 96 overall. Last season finished with numerous players at 96 overall, however Wake is the only one of two remaining with such a rating. At 32-years-old, he is also by far the oldest player in this year’s top five. Arizona Cardinals’ Calais Campbell is the other 96 overall player.

Closing out the top five Madden 15 player ratings at defensive end is a tie between New Orleans Saints stud Cameron Jordan (93) and New York Jets key end Muhammad Wilkerson (93). Just as with yesterday’s OL rankings, the final spot in the top five is likely shared with plenty more players as there’s a lot of potential ratings overlap in this range, however for posterity EA is probably selecting what they think are the best representatives at that rating.

Madden 15 Best DE Ratings: Cameron Jordan Makes Top 5

J.J. Watt (99 Overall)
Madden 15 J.J. Watt ratings

Robert Quinn (97 Overall)
Madden 15 Robert Quinn ratings
SPEED: 84 / ACCEL: 95 (1st at RE) / POWER MOVES: 97 (1st at RE)

Cameron Wake (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Cameron Wake ratings

Calais Campbell (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Calais Campbell ratings
TACKLING: 88 / FINESSE MOVES: 94 (2nd at LE) / PURSUIT: 92 (4th)

Cameron Jordan (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Cameron Jordan ratings
POWER MOVES: 95 (2nd at RE) / PURSUIT: 91 (4th)

Muhammad Wilkerson (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Muhammad Wilkerson ratings
PURSUIT: 96 (1st at LE) / BLOCK SHEDDING: 97 (2nd) / TACKLING: 96 (2nd) / POWER MOVES: 89 (5th)

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  • Barclay Friesen

    My boy JJ #20 sacks 2014

    • GoMadden

      He might. Having Clowney across from him now is probably going to be a big boost for him. Can’t be double teaming him all day any more.

  • Barclay Friesen

    My boy JJ #20 Sacks

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Madden hating on Carolina’s Charles Johnson again. He’s only out performed Cameron Wake, Calais Campbell, Muhammad Wilderson, and Cameron Wake, yet he doesn’t make the top 5?