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Madden 15 Best SS Ratings: Reshad Jones Makes Top 5

Madden 15's best strong safeties are certainly formidable.
Madden 15's best strong safeties are certainly formidable.

Madden 15 ratings for the best strong safeties in the game will finally emerge later today after the FS ratings were revealed yesterday, and much like their counterparts, not much has changed this year in the rankings.

EA SPORTS has been releasing new Madden 15 ratings every day in accordance with their ratings release schedule, however things gone off course a small bit, and the result is that we’re not quite sure what will be arriving today. Of course, we do have the ratings for strong safety, but whether or not the first full ratings from individual teams emerge, or if that is pushed off into tomorrow or another day, we just don’t know yet.

There is also the matter of franchise mode details, which are expected to start arriving very soon (this week is my best guess). The days in which information regarding CFM is revealed could alter the ratings schedule further, as it already appears to have done so with MUT information.

But, those are all things we may just have to wait and figure out another today. For now, we’ve got the news on the SS ratings a tad bit early. Here are the top five strong safeties in Madden NFL 15.

Madden 15 Best SS Ratings: Reshad Jones Secures #5

While ratings among the best SS in Madden have certainly changed to some degree, the order in which those players exist hasn’t moved around much. Last season, Seattle Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor stood out as the highest SS with 95 overall, however this year he’s dropped down to a 93, which puts him in a tie with Pittsburgh Steelers mainstay Troy Polamalu (also 93) at the #1 spot.

Coming in third at SS is the Denver Broncos’ T.J. Ward at 91 overall. Ward made himself a presence to be felt last year with 112 combined tackles. Right behind him is the ultra-talented Eric Berry (90) who at only 25 years old is just scratching the surface of his potential on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Up to this point, the top players in Madden 15 at SS are the same that ended as such in Madden 25 (with a few ratings changes within each player surely). New to the top five is Miami Dolphins young star in the making Reshad Jones. Jones has the flexibility to play both strong and free safety, and at the strong position he’s jumped into the top five. Last season he was in a three-way tie for fifth place with Tyvon Branch and Donte Whitner.

Madden 15 Ratings: Top 5 SS

Kam Chancellor (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Kam Chancellor ratings
Ratings focus: Check back soon as we learn more from EA’s official blog

Troy Polamalu (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Troy Polamalu ratings
Ratings focus: Check back later

TJ Ward (91 Overall)
Madden 15 TJ Ward ratings
Ratings focus: Check back later

Eric Berry (90 Overall)
Madden 15 Eric Berry ratings
Ratings focus: Check back later

Reshad Jones (89 Overall)
Madden 15 Reshad Jones ratings
Ratings focus: Check back later

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  • Billy Macheras

    Where tf is antrel rolle is madden fucking stupid look at his stats he’s the best SS wtf

  • Billy Macheras

    98 tackles (7th amongst SS)
    6 interceptions ( 1st out of all safeties)
    18 passes batted ( 1st amongst SS)

    • Billy Macheras

      Antrel rolle’s stats^