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Madden 15 Best WR Ratings: Brandon Marshall at #2

Brandon Marshall's consistency earned him a premier spot in the WR ranks.
Brandon Marshall's consistency earned him a premier spot in the WR ranks.

Madden 15 ratings are arriving later today for the best tight ends and receivers in this year’s football video game from EA SPORTS, and while it’s hard to debate too much with just a top five list, there will certainly be much said about the fight for the second best receiver. Currently, that spot belongs to Chicago Bears wideout Brandon Marshall.

A blog revealing the top receivers is expected to arrive from EA shortly, but we’ve got the inside scoop on who is where.

With the Madden 15 ratings for top tight ends, rookies, running backs and quarterbacks already released, we now turn our focus to perhaps the most sought-after position among Madden gamers — the wide receiver. There’s a lot of talent in the top five this year, both in the game and in the NFL, and it’s always interesting to see what Madden NFL ratings czar Donny Moore has cooked up for fans in the offseason.

Madden 15 Ratings: Who’s Top 5 at Receiver?

So, who is sitting pretty in the top five of this year’s game at receiver? Calvin Johnson predictably takes the lead with a prestigious 99 overall rating following his incredibly 1,492 yard, 12 TD season on just 14 games. Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall’s admirable consistency as one of the best receivers in the league has allowed him to claim the number two spot at 96 overall, while young gun A.J. Green is right on his heels at 95. Wrapping up the top five is the ageless Andre Johnson (95 overall) and Dez Bryant (94 overall).

It’s hard to complain about any of these receivers being in the top five, but picking and then ordering them correctly is certainly a challenge for any fan. Who do you think belongs where in the top Madden 15 ratings for receivers? Hopefully one of them will be playable in the Madden 15 demo this year.

Check out the latest Madden 15 ratings below, then let us know in the comments what you think: Did EA get the ratings right this year? Is there anyone outside of the top five you would put in, and who are you taking out if that’s the case?

Madden 15 Ratings: Brandon Marshall Claims #2 Receiver Spot

Calvin Johnson (99 Overall)
Madden 15 Calvin Johnson ratings
CATCH: 98 (T-1st) / SPC: 99 (1st) / SPD: 95 / JMP: 98 / RLS: 99

Brandon Marshall (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Brandon Marshall ratings
SPD: 88 / STR: 3rd / TRUCKING: 85 / CATCH: 98 (T-1st) / CATCH IN TRAFFIC: 99

A.J. Green (95 Overall)
Madden 15 A.J. Green ratings
RELEASE: 97 (7th) / JMP: 97 (6th) / SPECTACULAR CATCH: 98 (2nd)

Andre Johnson (95 Overall)
Madden 15 Andre Johnson ratings

Dez Bryant (94 Overall)
Madden 15 Dez Bryant ratings
AGI: 97 (2nd) / JUKE MOVE: 95 / CATCH: 96 (7th) / SPECTACULAR CATCH: 98 (2nd)

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  • GoMadden

    I’da probably put AJ over Marshall but a tie isn’t bad.

    • John Ayala

      How is it a tie? 96>95

      • GoMadden

        Oops, sorry I meant a tie wouldn’t be bad either! Good catch.

  • Brandon Ragland

    Its going to be hard choosing a team this year, its between the broncos, saints and lions for me! I would be my pats but gronk’s injury is just a deal breaker. :(

  • John Ayala

    Good to see Marshall getting some credit. Bears are going to be hard to stop , Cutler 87 , forte 95, Marshall 95, Jeffery 92.

  • m magee

    Clavin !!!!!!

  • Phil Shobo

    How is Dez Bryant rated higher than Julio Jones?!?! Does injury dip your rating?