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Madden 15 Best CB Ratings: Darrelle Revis Can’t Catch #1


Madden 15 ratings for the best CBs in this year’s game are here, and while the overall numbers make it clear what ratings czar Donny Moore about all the players involved, the debate about who should be #1 will certainly continue to rage on as we head into the new NFL season.

New ratings emerging is part of a new daily strategy from EA, dictated by their release schedule that includes info on exactly when the best players at each position group will be revealed, as well as your preferred team. EA’s official blog on CB ratings is expected soon today (we’ll update you when that arrives), however our sources have given us a head start. As usual, we’ve waited until the afternoon out of respect for EA’s release schedule.

We already knew that Richard Sherman is the highest rated player in the game (which has turned out to be a tie at 99 with a few other select players, like J.J. Watt and Calvin Johnson), but this is our first real glimpse at some of the ratings thrust upon him and other stars this year.

Ever since the concept of post-launch support entered the video game world, ratings have always been an organic, and not a definitive evaluation of players. While there’s no doubt Moore spends a lot of time each season ensuring he has the most accurate ratings to differentiate players from one another, he also knows that he will have an opportunity throughout the season to update ratings to match the progress of players.

There will always be a debate over who belongs where, and with what ratings in Madden 15 and beyond, but today is the day we have a launch pad for that discussion for the cornerback position. Who filled out this year’s top five, and how much changed from the end of last season? Let’s find out.

Madden 15 Best CB Ratings: Darrelle Revis Fighting For #1

Seattle Seahawks cover star and all-around polarizing cornerback Richard Sherman is the tops at his position in this year’s game, coming in at the same 99 overall he finished with last season (not like he could go any higher). Some had hoped that New England Patriots star pickup Darrelle Revis would improve upon the 97 rating he finished with on the year to challenge Sherman for the top spot, however he too remains in his spot as the second best CB, with 97 overall.

If any Cleveland Browns fans were worried that Joe Haden might lose his spot at #3, fear not. Haden is back again to secure his spot behind the top two with 95 overall. In fact, it’s not until the fourth and fifth best players arise that the rankings from last year start to change.

Filling out the fourth spot in Madden 15’s best CB ratings is Patrick Peterson (93), who himself cashed in with a massive contract just today that probably had something to do with EA’s delay of the CB ratings, which were originally expected to release yesterday, but were pushed into today. There are many that believe Peterson is poised to become the best cornerback in the league, if not the best since Deion Sanders, however he still has some work to be done.

The fifth, and final spot in Madden NFL 15’s best CB ratings has been snatched up by the Indianapolis Colts’ Vontae Davis. Davis leap-frogged Leon Hall and Brandon Flowers this offseason to sneak into the top five with a 92 overall rating. Along with Sherman and Peterson, he is a part of a group of young, talented CBs that are just beginning to enter the prime of their careers.

Madden 15 CB Ratings: Top 5 Best Overalls

Richard Sherman (99 Overall)
Madden 15 Richard Sherman ratings
1st in -> STR: 72 / CTH: 82 / MCV: 98 / 2nd in -> ZCV: 96 / AWR: 94 / AGI: 96 / PRC: 95 / JMP: 98

Darrelle Revis (97 Overall)
Madden 15 Darrelle Revis ratings
MCV: 98 / ZCV: 92 / PRESS: 90 / PRC: 95

Joe Haden (95 Overall)
Madden 15 Joe Haden ratings
SPD: 91 / MCV: 98 (T-1st) / AGI: (T-1st) / ACC: 97 (T-2nd) / ZCV: 94 (T-3rd) / PUR: 86 (4th)

Patrick Peterson (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Patrick Peterson ratings
SPD: 98 / AGI: 97 / ACC: 97 / ELU: 94 / JKM: 94 / RET: 97 / CTH: 82

Vontae Davis (92 Overall)
Madden 15 Vontae Davis ratings
MCV: 95 / SPD: 93 / AGI: 95 / JUMP: 94

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  • Brandon Ragland

    Revis has a 90 press not 95! I wish he had a 95!

    • GoMadden

      Lol, good catch! Fixed it. Thanks :)


    Sherman with 98 MCV.. Woah! ZCV i could agree with..

  • Jerome Page

    @genentic-freak I was thinking the same thing. Also the strongest corner I doubt that too. Chris Houston bench pressed like 450 coming out of college

  • Legacy Harrison

    No way in hell Sherman has even a 90 man.moore just followed the hype and made some bad ratings

  • Legacy Harrison

    Seahawks have shown it doesn’t matter if it’s browner,Thurmond or whoever that defense makes those corners look is Sherman the best player in the game when I can name several wrs who would humiliate and expose him man up?