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Meet Madden 15 Ratings Czar Donny Moore

Madden NFL 15 has its very own ratings guy, Donny Moore.
Madden NFL 15 has its very own ratings guy, Donny Moore.

If you’ve been following Madden closely over the years, then ratings czar Donny Moore is a household name for you. For everyone else, however, a new video from Bleacher Report offers some interesting insight into the man behind the numbers of Madden 15.

Madden NFL 15 will release on August 26th, and with it some 2,000+ players will see themselves analyzed and broken down into key numbers that help define their abilities on the football field. While fans may comb over the full Madden 15 ratings as a matter of fun, for Moore it’s a matter of work.

When we noticed something not quite right bout the ratings for Seattle Seahawks RB Christine Michael, Moore was quick to jump on the topic and agree that an “agility” bump was in order for the talented young back. In fact, you can often find Moore interacting with fans on Twitter about ratings, taking feedback and using it as an opportunity to refine his already long-thought-out player evaluations.

In the new video put up today by Bleacher Report, Moore talks a bit about how he first became a part of EA Sports, and how he eventually picked up the role of ratings czar (and even where that title came from). Far from the power-hungry number man that many fans envision the ratings gatekeeper to be, Moore comes across as very humble and interested in just getting things “right” in his brief interview.

Madden 15 Ratings Czar Donny Moore

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