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Madden 15 Best OLB Ratings: Lavonte David Hits Top 5

The five best OLBs in Madden 15 are serious playmakers.
The five best OLBs in Madden 15 are serious playmakers.

Madden 15 ratings for the best outside linebackers in the game have arrived, as some of the most talented players in this year’s upcoming football video game from EA SPORTS get their day in the spotlight, albeit later than expected.

Yesterday, the Madden 15 ratings reveal saw the best middle linebackers in the game get listed, and while we expected to see OLBs as well, it appears new MUT details pushed them back into today.

We were originally expecting cornerback ratings to emerge today, however it’s possible EA pushes those back into tomorrow, which would allow them to get safeties and cornerbacks done at the same time as an all-inclusive “DB” day. It’s also possible EA simply reveals cornerbacks today along with the OLBs.

Fans have been following the ratings release schedule put out by EA quite closely, and many were asking where outside linebackers were yesterday. Well, today we have them, but who made the list for Madden NFL 15? EA SPORTS’ official ratings blog on OLBs will be arriving very soon with more details, but we’ve got the skinny on the overalls.

Madden 15 Best OLB Ratings: Lavonte David Hits Top 5

A few injuries and some bad press couldn’t stop Denver Broncos LB Von Miller (96 overall) and San Francisco 49ers star pass rusher Aldon Smith (also 96 overall) from topping the list this year, just as they finished in Madden 25.

Both Miller and Smith were docked one point for their respective issues, taking them down from 97 to 96 overall, but that wasn’t enough for anyone else in the top five OLBs to usurp them. The next closest linebackers are a three-way tie, with a combination of veteran mainstays and two young up-and-comer that are flying up the rankings.

While players like Indianapolis Colts’ Robert Mathis (93) have been considered premier talents in the league for quite a while now, young stars Lavonte David (93) from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Justin Houston (93) of the Kansas City Chiefs are quickly making a name for themselves among the best of the best.

Madden 15 OLB Ratings: Top 5 Best Overalls

Von Miller (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Von Miller ratings
SPD: 88 (T-3rd) / ACC: 94 (T-1st) / TAK: 92 (T-2nd) / FMV: 97 (1st)

Aldon Smith (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Aldon Smith ratings
PMV: 99 / PUR: 97 /SPD: 85 / ACC: 96

Lavonte David (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Lavonte David ratings
TAK: 93 / PMV: 97 (T-1st) / BLK SHD: 93 (T-1st)

Justin Houston (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Justin Houston ratings
SPD: 88 / AGI: 88 / ACC: 90 / TAK: 98 (1st) / PUR 98 (1st) / PLAY REC: 96 (1st)

Robert Mathis (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Robert Mathis ratings
FMV: 98 / SPD: 88 / ACC: 94

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