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Madden 15 Ratings Release Confusion & Projections

Madden 15 ratings have run off course over the last few days.
Madden 15 ratings have run off course over the last few days.

Madden 15 ratings have been the primary focus over the past week, with EA’s ratings release schedule being followed closely by many fans and media within the industry. As of late, however, that schedule has not been entirely reliable.

The ratings release schedule for Madden 15 started going out of whack on July 28th, when linebacker ratings saw themselves split up across two days with middle and outside linebackers. With the 29th now taken up by more linebackers, the original day of cornerbacks was also pushed back a day to the 30th, where it nicely coincided with Patrick Peterson’s massive contract extension.

If the ratings delays ended there, then there wouldn’t be much to say. However, the issue was compounded when safety ratings were themselves split into two days, as free safety and strong safety filled up both July 31st and August 1st.

Possible New Madden 15 Ratings Schedule #1

As it stands now, the ratings release schedule should merely be seen as a rough guideline until further notice. If, however, EA wanted to get back on track, this is the schedule that would make the most sense to do so. Keep in mind this is just an explanation of how I would do the ratings from here on out if I were them, and not necessarily a reflection of what EA will do.

• Aug. 3 – Full AFC and NFC North Ratings
• Aug. 4 – Full AFC and NFC South Ratings
• Aug. 5 – Full AFC and NFC East Ratings
• Aug. 6 – Full AFC and NFC West Ratings
• Aug. 7 – Ratings Recap (Including Top 10 Overall Ratings)

This new, adjusted schedule would get EA’s Madden 15 ratings released in a fashion that only extends two days longer than anticipated. If EA was intentionally spreading out the ratings, however, then it wouldn’t be surprising to see each division released on its own day, which would basically push ratings much closer to release.

Possible New Madden 15 Ratings Schedule #2

If EA was committed to staying within their original August 5th finish date for the ratings reveal process, then they might opt for something like this:

• Aug. 3 – Full AFC and NFC North Ratings / Full AFC and NFC South Ratings
• Aug. 4 – Full AFC and NFC East Ratings / Full AFC and NFC West Ratings
• Aug. 5 – Ratings Recap (Including Top 10 Overall Ratings)

Personally, I think this schedule is unlikely because EA has already shown they’ve had some trouble getting out a few of the top ratings in the same position group out in one day, much less eight teams. If the ratings for each division were all revealed in one, pre-made spreadsheet however, then this could be very do-able and would make the most sense.

There is also the outside chance that because the kicker and punter ratings were released somewhat earlier in the day today, that the first AFC and NFC North ratings could be soon to follow before today ends. I think that’s probably unlikely, but it’s also a consideration,which would move everything up a day and likely split August 4th and 5th between top overall ratings and a ratings recap.

It’s a Waiting Game For Now

For now, however, we’ll have to sit and wait to see what EA does with their Madden 15 ratings release schedule. Things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as they clearly expected, and there is still likely more MUT and CFM details to be discussed in blogs in the coming days, so that will certainly help to congest their release process.

Tomorrow (or even later tonight) will likely be the most telling day, as it will reveal to us whether or not the full North and South ratings are released, or if they are pushed back yet another day in favor of something else (such as top 10 overalls, or god-forbid the top kick returner ratings). This will help clear up the picture considerably, and make predicting the next few days much easier.

If you think you have a better idea of what EA will do with the Madden 15 ratings release over the next few days, feel free to toss your thoughts in the comments below. Your guess is as good as ours at this point.

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  • Brandon Ragland

    Super disappointed with the way their moving the ratings reveal along. I’ve been following everything possible for the release of the AFC and NFC north ratings ( I want to see the lions stats!!!) I thought they were going to release the AFC and NFC north ratings today since they released the Kickers/punters around 11-12. If they don’t release them in the next hour or so, expect to see it super split up over the next week. My guess is they’re trying hard to keep people interested until the demo closes in. Keep a fish on the hook, don’t let off.

  • IQheat

    I would ask Madden ballers not to fall for the marketing ploy behind the ratings release date provided by EA Sports. This is all by design to create tension, excitement and most importantly sales. I worked for a major Fortune 500 company and we would do this to create excitement and sales. Honestly, the marketing ploy was exciting and it worked for the 12 yrs. I was there. Please do not take the bait people. Trust me this was planned all along. Next year this will be the same thing. Please, please, do not take the bait!!!

  • Billy Macheras

    Do you think by afc and NFC north ratings they mean each teams overall as a team in that division or the players?

  • Mike

    I just need to know CJ2K’s speed! Go Jets!!