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Madden 15 Review Round-Up

What are early reviews saying about Madden NFL 15?
What are early reviews saying about Madden NFL 15?

Madden NFL 15 reviews have arrived, and while many are still piling in, there is certainly enough information available right now to get a strong grasp of what the game provides this year. Here, we’ve highlighted a few reviews we found from around the web and put them in one easy-to-read resource for you.

With the Madden 15 embargo apparently lifted, content has poured out today from various sources about the game, and most of the early reviews sound very encouraging. We’re still awaiting for our review copy to arrive, but in the meantime, there’s a variety of articles and information you can check out below.

I’ll be adding to this list over time, however if you know of a great article in particular, feel free to let everyone know in the comments below.

Along with the new articles, a lot of members within the community will be streaming the game live today on starting at 12 PM EST, which is when the trial period begins for those with EA Access. Pastapadre, Shopmaster and plenty other notable sites and personalities are expected to be online today to watch.

Madden NFL 15: Early Reviews

GoodGameBro (Article), Brian Parker
“Even though this year’s Madden NFL 15 saw a limited development cycle, the end product has proven to better embody the expectations of a new-generation title, sporting improved gameplay and graphics which help offset deficiencies from legacy gameplay issues and overall career mode shortcomings.”

FanSided (Article) Ted Schwerzler
“Looking back on the Madden series from EA Sports, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Some versions have come in ahead of others, and some have been little more than a roster update. Madden 15 has a significant opportunity checking in as the first Madden game designed for this new console generation. Rest easy football fans, Madden 15 comes out like Adrian Peterson going for broke.”

Bleacher Report (Article), Brian Mazique
“From a gameplay standpoint, this is how video game football should be. It’s the most balanced the series has ever been in that respect. That said, there are some areas of improvement from a customization and presentation standpoint that prevent it from being a crowning achievement on every level.”

USA TODAY (Article), Brett Molina
“However, Madden NFL 15 does lack that one significant feature that sets it apart. Instead, players get a series of smaller improvements to bolster the experience. But it seems EA is better suited managing the growing pains that come with the shift to new hardware.”

GameRant (Article), Anthony Taormina
“Luckily, Madden NFL 15 has arrived to prove that, yes, EA Sports is getting a better grasp on these new systems, while at the same time improving their base formulas. But there is still room for improvement. The game represents a nice foot forward for the franchise, which is especially meaningful given its stagnant nature as of late, but it’s not necessarily the must-play fans hope for.”

iDigitalTimes (Article), Phillip Martinez
“Madden NFL 15, however, I can honestly say is a turning point for me in my gaming life. The amount of detail and time put into a complete sports gaming experience is evident throughout. And it is a great game to get gamers as a whole on board.”

GameInformer (Article) Matthew Kato
“Madden has hit the ground running this console generation and is in a better position to push forward than it has been in a while. This year’s game is like the lone bright spot of the last generation: Madden NFL 13. That year we got Connected Careers and an improved passing game. Madden 15 improves these two facets, but it feels like other areas of the title have not progressed enough. Despite this uneven performance, Madden 15 demands you raise your game to the next level, and hopefully is in the process of raising its own.”

Madden NFL 15: Misc Stuff

Quick Notes From Hands-On Play (GoMadden)
We’ve clocked all six of our early access hours to Madden NFL 15, and come away with quite a long list of initial impressions. Check out our article to see what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what stood out to us the most in our initial (and limited) playtime with the game.

Quick Impressions (OperationSports)
OS jumped in with some quick impressions of Madden 15, and so far things are looking good for the game. Expect a full review from OperationSports soon, who usually is on-point in discussing what fans care about most.

Season Simulations Test (GoodGameBro)
GGBro has a lot of great articles up today delving deep into Madden NFL 15, and I liked this one in particular. Five times the first season of Madden NFL 15 was simmed, and the results are quite interesting, particularly in the player stats. QBs seem to be a bit nerfed in production, while power backs appear to reign supreme. Keep in mind that playbooks can also cause these results, as it’s possible a fantastic player simply doesn’t have a great play choice as far as the sim engine is concerned (helps explain why Adrian Peterson only cracked the top five twice).

Attention to Details (GoodGameBro)
Continuing on with the interesting articles, GoodGameBro offered some detailed insight into everything from the new stadiums and video boards in this year’s game, to the tattoos on Colin Kaepernick. If you’re a big fan of presentation stuff, then this is a very good article that’s worth checking out.

Madden 15 Trial Access Begins Today (OperationSports)
If you bought EA Access, your 6-hour Madden 15 trial starts today at 12 PM EST. There’s been quite a bit of controversy over the trial period restrictions, however if you’re a Madden fan it’s still hard to pass up considering the rest of the value provided by EA Access. I’ll be checking it out this afternoon as well.

Gauntlet Mode Video Action (FranchisePlay)
Some more footage of Gauntlet mode in action was released by FranchisePlay in an article on Bleacher Report. If you’re not familiar with what the mode provides, this is some pretty good game footage of what to expect.

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