Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Madden 15 Rookies React To Their Own Ratings

The NFL's brightest young stars the moment they are brought back to earth by Madden NFL 15
The NFL's brightest young stars the moment they are brought back to earth by Madden NFL 15

Madden 15 rookie ratings are never for the easily offended, as EA SPORTS makes it a point to put the NFL’s new blood in their place at the start of every new season. So, what happens when you reveal the Madden 15 rookie ratings to the rookies themselves, and film their reactions?

We found that out today.

In a new hype video released today (see below), EA SPORTS teased this Monday’s upcoming Madden 15 ratings by torturing a handful of the top rookies in this year’s draft class. While some players chuckled at the sight of their ratings, others, like uber-polarizing Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel, clearly took his accuracy numbers as a challenge.

And then there’s guys like Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles, who just wants to know what his punting is. Perhaps he wants to know if he can punt over those new big boards at EverBank field. Or, maybe there’s a Jaguars joke there about punting that I refuse to make, because I was born and raised in Jacksonville. Low-hanging comedy fruit, you do not tempt me.

We first learned that Madden 15 ratings would start to trickle on Monday in a developer live stream that took place this afternoon. Now, with the rookie video released shortly after, one might expect it’s the NFL’s latest draft class that will see their ratings revealed first to the public. It’s rare that Madden NFL unveils all of its ratings at once (and they’ve said as much for this Monday), so it’s expected to take a few days following until we know the entirety of this year’s Madden 15 ratings.

Madden 15 is set to release on August 26th, but there’s still much to learn about the game. Madden Ultimate Team and CFM details are still looming, and we’re still waiting on word of a Madden 15 demo release date so players can test out the new player sense, tackling, and d-line controls. As soon as we have confirmation either of those details, we’ll update you on the site.

Madden 15 Rookie Ratings Reactions

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  • og49erfan

    I hope they dont rate bridgewater too low he is a better player than where he was drafted

    • Kwarren3

      Vikings always get screwed. he will probably be between overall 71-75 and have like 68 speed because wtf thats why haha

  • Brandon Ragland

    So the ratings release begins monday?!?!?

  • Chris Cutty

    How is johnny football faster than clowney by 3pts?…..when manziel had a lower forty time at the combine and unofficially clowney ran a 4.47 and then 4.53 official…..manziel ran official of 4.68 and unofficial 4.56 sooooo….is it me or madden ratings czar donny moore… you sir….. are “STILL” full of (insert expletive)!!! I mean come on cut the games….Ea Sports you guys need random drug testing…matter a fact maybe u could benefit from “PED’S” cause you all dont have a clue….how can you fuck up blatant stats my 3yr old daughter can comprehend…..4.5 comes before 4.6….hence faster….i luv madden get it every year…(im 31, by the way) ….but the dev’s and directors at EA are like football nazi’s, pushing garbage properganda… “all new”….”innovation” ….”for the first time ever”…..”living world” ….”going in the right direction” …”if its in the game, its in the game”…..Seriously???? Its beyond comical….your tv style broadcast???? Pathetic!!! C’mon, what network are you guys watching on sundays???? Stale…bland “color commentary”…..Espn…. Fox…..Nfl network. ….please somebody help these miscreants!!!!! Mediocrity is maddens legacy and its getting sad…..i mean year in, year out who strives to be average????….but hey, at least the graphics are cool right??l!!!

    • GoMadden

      Those cards aren’t this year’s ratings. They are part of the Rookie Futures cards in Madden Ultimate Team. It’s just EA’s take on the future star version of each player.

      • Chris Cutty

        (Egg on face) Oh, well….. Good then lol… got my blood pressure up for nothing….im just tired of having to go in and fix ratings it shouldnt be “our” responsibility to do EA’s job….and you see it every year…with playbooks, ratings, sliders, etc….

        • GoMadden

          Haha, yeah it’s cool man. I should probably make those cards more clear for the non-MUT diehards.

    • Bran

      It is beyond time for Sega sports to take over football!

    • Steelersicon43

      Cutty, I agree 100%, czar is full of himself, but I blame EA. They gave this dude too much power in rating these players. They need to revamp this attribute shit and 86 his ass.

    • Billy Macheras

      Amen ! 100% agree

  • Chris Cutty

    Oh yea….didnt they hire the nfl films guy???? Why???? Lmao

    • GoMadden

      From what I’ve seen of the presentation stuff so far, it looks very good in Madden 15. The NFL films guy seemed to help a lot with the pre-game and during-game presentation. I thought the live gameplay stream that EA did today showed off how good the presentation was. I’m more of a gameplay guy myself, so I don’t typically get too excited or interested in the presentation stuff (I call it fluff), but I thought it looked notably better than years past.

      • Steelersicon43


  • Tanky

    Johnny speed should 85 to 88.

  • Steelersicon43

    Leave it to czar Donny Moore to keep screwing up players attributes, of course he will hype up Johnny Football. Another thing, czar got a habit of making old players slow as hell, old doesn’t mean slow guy. i could see if you were downgrading the acceleration The whole attribute system suck for this game, it’s time for a revamping.