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Madden 15 Roster Update Week 2: Julius Thomas Rises

Julius Thomas has earned his place among the best TEs.
Julius Thomas has earned his place among the best TEs.

Madden NFL 15 has just released its latest roster update in preparation for week two’s Thursday game later tonight, and while we are still awaiting an official blog for more details, there’s still info we can easily discern from the update.

As was promised by EA, former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice was removed from the game entirely in today’s roster update, just days following the release of a video showing Rice’s horrific actions inside an elevator. Along with this obvious change are also 750+ ratings and 300 equipment changes, according to ratings czar Donny More.

Among the players that we can easily discern received ratings boosts are Jaguars rookie WR Allen Hurns, who jumped up from complete obscurity to 73 overall following a strong preseason and a week one performance that included over 100 yards and 2 TDs. Denver Broncos TE Julius Thomas also seems to have gotten his just dues, after being left out of the top 5 TEs on launch day, he has now been bumped up to 90 overall after his dominating 3 TD performance against the Colts.

For Pittsburgh Steelers fans, you will appreciate that RB Le’Veon Bell was also a big mover, jumping up to 85 overall after showing just how injured he was last year by lighting it up in week one both on the ground, and in the air.

Once EA Sports releases an official blog or spreadsheet detailing all the updates, we will add that info to this post below. In the meantime, dig around your own team roster and let us know in the comments: What has changed that you’ve been able to notice?

Update: Here’s the full spreadsheet of updates for this week. As soon as we can, we’ll put these in a much more readable format for you guys.

While you’re waiting: Here’s some quick Madden Tips.

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