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Madden 15 Saints Ratings

Just how good is Brandin Cooks in Madden 15?
Just how good is Brandin Cooks in Madden 15?

Madden 15 Saints ratings are up, and for fans of the NFC South, it’s hard to find a team with more potential than the Saints this year in EA’s new football video game. In fact, they might be one of the better teams in this year’s franchise mode as well.

There is a lot to like about the New Orleans Saints player ratings in Madden NFL 15, in particular rookie WR Brandin Cooks (74 overall rating). Cooks has been generating rave reviews in camp, and with the help of QB Drew Brees this season he could very easily end up being rookie of the year when all is said and done. Cooks’ Madden 15 ratings reflect a lot of his ability, but what will be most interesting is to see how quickly he develops in the game over the course of the season.

Just how good is Brandin Cooks? How about 95 speed, 96 acceleration, 96 agility, 85 catching, 87 jumping, 92 elusiveness, 84 spin move, 94 juke move and wait, there’s more: 85 catch in traffic. Yeah, it’s safe to say the Saints drafted a Madden stud.

Other Madden 15 Saints ratings worth noting are that of DE Cameron Jordan, who not surprisingly is already in the top five at DE in the game. In the back of the defense there is also the best FS safety in Madden 15 with the newly-signed Jairus Byrd. Clearly, there are pieces on the Saints roster that are head and shoulders ahead of pace with the league, and it’s just a matter of finding a few other gems to make them the lethal team they were just a few seasons ago.

Shortcut: Madden 15 Ratings For All 32 Teams

*Click on the rating header to sort high/low for that attribute. Check out this page for a glossary of terms. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information, but it will help explain what abbreviations like “PUR,” mean if you don’t know already.

Madden 15 Saints Ratings


Wide Receiver & TE

Running Back & Fullback

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



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  • Brandon Ragland

    One of the best defenses if you move some of the LB’s on the D line. Finesse move city!

  • Swilling56

    Galette 85ovr 91 for acc nice!

  • fordtuff

    No love for keenan Lewis, and vaccarro took a step back in ratings too, and a 81 deep for breesus? Please….

    • RIDGEMAC18

      I’m a saints fan but we gotta look at the facts. You said Keenan Lewis and Vaccarro took a step back in rating. How when Vaccarro was a 84 in madden25 and Keenan has the same rating. Bress had a low deep ball completed % last season so I understand why it’s a 81.

  • Terry Lewis

    They never give Saints any love no matter who they beat or how each player progress every year.

  • Terry Lewis

    Lewis easy a 93overall 93 speed. He shut down all wr he faced but Revis gets torched by Meachem still is high 90’s get real madden. Another thing Cooks a 95 speed lmao but D Jax a 98 speed didn’t Cook best his 40time easy?

    • Logan


      • Mike Pearson

        Um, yea. Cooks had fastest 40 in combine this yr! And beating Jackson by .02! Get ur facts!

  • Terry Lewis

    Madden problem is they only like certain teams and players. How is Green Bay higher than Saints and they didn’t get to the playoffs? I will wait for answer. Every year same ratings bs 4 certain teams.

    • Alex Loomis

      Green Bay did make the playoffs…

    • Jesse Stackmore

      Green Bay made it with Rodgers being hurt a handful of games……

  • Terry Lewis

    Bailey is terrible but Newman still runs a 96speed omg Newman r u serious dude get beat every season bad but he a D Hall always good y who knows.

    • Logan

      Bailey is great for his age need to watch more camp I see him forcing turnovers plus y’all didn’t pay that much js.

  • Terry Lewis

    Cooks 98 speed Stills 96 speed Graham 99 overall Bress 98 overall Lewis 94 r 93 overall Vaccaro a 88 overall Galette a 91 overall and team overall a 88

  • Logan

    This team looks good probably needs a boost on some back ups.

  • Joshua Huntley

    yeah for sure junior gallete and kenan lewis should defintley be in the 90s and curtis lofton should defintley be a good 88