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Madden 15 Skills Trainer: Basic Drills Revealed

Madden 15's basic skills drills have been revealed.
Madden 15's basic skills drills have been revealed.

A new video showcasing the entirety of the “basic offense” and “basic defense” drills in Madden 15 Skills Trainer was just released online thanks to YouTuber Wickedshrapnel, and includes a few new drills that will help players get a handle on the fundamentals needed to succeed online, or in franchise mode.

In total, there appear to be around 30 or so drills in Skills Trainer, with the focus today being on the five core drills featured in the “Basic Offense” tutorial. The Madden 15 development team has made it a point to focus on giving players better tools to learn about how to play the game, and while the basic offense drills aren’t flashy, they are the first stepping stone for any new player.

Along with the conventional Skills Trainer drills, there will also be something called the Gauntlet in this year’s game, which will put the skills of players to the test in a wild and wacky arcade-like mode complete with lives, and even boss levels to take the challenge up a notch.

Take a look at the essential offensive and defensive tutorials below to see what’s new in this year’s game, or if you’re new, start taking notes for the new season, because we’re now only weeks away from the release of Madden NFL 15 on August 26th. With no NCAA Football this time around, Madden NFL appears to be the only football video game on the horizon worth getting.

Stay tuned here on GoMadden for more Madden NFL 15 news and discussion. We’re undergoing some server changes so updates have been a bit sporadic the last week, but we’ll get things together soon!

Madden 15 Skills Trainer Videos

Basic Offense

Basic Defense

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