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Madden 15 Steelers Ratings

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a few key cogs that make them dangerous in Madden 15.
The Pittsburgh Steelers have a few key cogs that make them dangerous in Madden 15.

Madden 15 Steelers ratings are finally here, and for Pittsburgh fans that means finding out the full player ratings for all the rookies, veterans and stars on this year’s team. Who is this year’s diamond in the rough, who is holding steady and who will be your favorite player in this season’s football video game from EA SPORTS?

The Pittsburgh Steelers finished the 2013 season a rather pedestrian 8-8, but there is hope that the franchise can get back to its dominant ways. The team drafted ultra-talented rookie linebacker Ryan Shazier, who possesses a ridiculous 92 speed, 89 acceleration, 89 agility and 83 strength. If it’s a monster linebacker Steelers fans wanted this year, that’s what they got.

What other stars and studs are on the Steelers’ roster this season? Check out the full player ratings below, which we’ve split up and organized for you to remove all of the unnecessary information (Do you really want to know Roethlisberger’s punting?) and give you just what matters most at each position. You can also sort by individual ratings to see who is best at what in each position group.

Shortcut: Madden 15 Ratings For All 32 Teams

*Click on the rating header to sort high/low for that attribute. Check out this page for a glossary of terms. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information, but it will help explain what abbreviations like “PUR,” mean if you don’t know already.

Madden 15 Steelers Ratings


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Shopmaster’s Take on Madden 15 Steelers Ratings

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  • enz1ey

    These ratings are terrible

    • GoMadden

      They were really gracious with LB Ryan Shazier. He’s an absolute monster. Ignore his overall and just look at some of his physical abilities.

      • Brandon Ragland

        That guy is a freak. 97 jump at LB??? Thats crazy. With a 92 speed, fastest LB in the game probably.

        • Sean Conners

          he’s a LB who will cover those TE’s that kill in madden,,, teach him how to shed a block and man cover,,,, = BEAST (in other words, dont trade shazier)

  • SteelHeat226

    Don’t agree with McCullers’ strength rating or Cody Wallace’s overall.Maybe even Archer’s carrying.Other than that I like.

  • Braxton O’Neal

    Ryan shaziers an absolute monster

  • Oscar Atterberry

    Just give Archer the 99 speed. Come on, he was only 0.2s slower than Chris.

  • Will Kay

    These are some dreadful ratings. Why doesnt Archer have 99 speed? Why is Ben only a 90? Why is Bell only 82? Why is Mccullers so weak at 88? I have so many problems with this list. Donny Moore, you sir are a joke.

    • ben

      I agree big ben should be at least a 93 DAC 73 is a joke

  • Jesse Hare

    Dri Archer had a faster 40 time than Desean Jackson by .09 seconds, yet his speed is lower than Desean Jackson’s. I don’t understand that at all..

  • Jesse Hare

    Also, How in the world are the Browns almost ratted higher than us, and the Ravens and Bengals are 84 and 86. Our roster isn’t worlds better than the Ravens, but i know it’s not that much worse than theirs. It’s not that much worse than the Bengals either.

  • Jesse Hare

    They always make our players decent or above average, unless we win the super bowl. Then they make our overall lower than everyone of the good teams, and only one or 2 points above the bad teams. It’s how they do the Steelers every single Madden.

  • ben

    The ratings suck how do you give big ben a 90 rating with a 72 DAC and a 69 PAC and you give adams a faster rating than gilbert and what is the 83 catch for miller all about he is better than that and everyone knows it

  • ben

    Boy do we have alot of fast LB this year