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Madden 15 ‘Tackle Cone’ Revealed at E3 2014

Vision cones are making a comeback of sorts in Madden NFL 15.
Vision cones are making a comeback of sorts in Madden NFL 15.

The concept of a vision cone is one that will forever be remembered in Madden lore as an innovative-but-failed experiment, but what happens when you turn the concept on its head, and apply it to defenders? The Madden 15 tackle cone will answer just such a question.

It was during EA’s E3 premier preview that the first bit of actual insight into Madden 15’s design was revealed, and among the many new additions that focus on defense this year is a tackle cone. The concept is simple: Help players tackle better on defense by letting them better see the angle they are attacking from.

While on its face a “tackle cone” sounds like a ridiculous bit of nonsense, it very much makes sense in theory, and could be a big benefit to a game that saw missed tackles happen over and over again in Madden 25 last season. If the new tackle cone is similar to the classic QB vision cone, then the radius of the cone will also be tied to ratings on the player, which will help illustrate the tackling radius of different playmakers.

If Madden’s new tackle cone works anything like the vision cones of old, then marquee tackling machines like Patrick Willis can be expected to have a large, more forgiving radius to make a tackle on a ball carrier, while those with much more raw skills might be expected to have a sharper cone. This would not only make judging the depth of players easier when making a tackle, but also help to better differentiate user-controlled players from merely speed and agility. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not the cones have this much depth, or if they are merely indicators. What we can confirm is that you will be able to turn it off if you want.

There is a lot more to talk about from EA’s Madden 15 teaser today, particularly on how defense will make radical changes to put more control in the hands of players. Whatever you think about the tackle cone, stay tuned right here or follow us @GoMadden on Twitter as we dig deep into what we know so far, and what we hope to learn in the coming days at E3 2014.

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Update: I’ve just heard that the cones are not so deep as to reflect player ratings. Cones are merely optional indicators to assist in tackling and understanding player position, depth and angles.

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