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Madden 15 Brings Back Tiny Titan For The Weekend

Madden's most notorious player is hopping teams this weekend.
Madden's most notorious player is hopping teams this weekend.

He was the biggest little story in Madden 15 this past week, but now just a few days after the 1 foot 2 inch linebacker was taken out of the game, he’s back again with his own special solo challenge in Madden Ultimate Team.

For this weekend only, you can play against the notorious Tiny Titan once again, this time in a Cleveland Browns uniform for the MUT solo challenge. In defeating the little dude, you’ll receive a collectible Tiny Titan card that you can quick sell for 1,000 coins.

If you need any tips to winning this week’s solo challenge, you can head on over to our Madden Tips section for a few pointers. Or, you can do the obvious thing and throw right at Tiny Titan all game, because 94 OVR or not, that poor little man just isn’t cut out for pass coverage.

You can log on to Madden NFL 15 right now and try your hand at the Tiny Titan challenge, or, you can watch the video below from MadScientist06, and see what exactly you’re getting yourself into. Personally, I’m waiting for Tiny Titan to try his hand at RB. They always say shorter backs are harder to find behind the line, but that would take things to new… heights.

Watch MadScientist06 Take The Tiny Titan Challenge

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